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  • A Spiritual Journey

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    and plains that, having seen them, walked in them, lived in them, even for a day, we keep forever in the mind’s eye.” Just like how Momaday relived his ancestor’s trails, I had a chance as well. I was lucky enough to be able to go on such a sacred journey that people would pay in thousands of dollars. The pilgrimage I would like to talk about is the one I took to a sacred city in India called Badrinath. I

  • My Spiritual Journey : My Spiritual Journey

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    My Spiritual Journey When I think of spiritual formation I think of the pearl that is formed on the inside of an oyster. Oysters do not know that they are part of the important process of making pearls of great price. We are like that oyster, we are going along content as can be and then suddenly something happens in our lives to cause pain or irritation. Slowly we are forced to examine ourselves and see that this pain is not going away so we start to create ways of making life work for ourselves

  • My Spiritual Journey : The Journey Of My Spiritual Journeys

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    My spiritual journey began as a child who was enrolled in St. Cyril’s Catholic kindergarten in Danville, Pennsylvania. Most prominently, I remember going to the Chapel and praying as a class. One of our assignments was to think about someone who needed a prayer. I would listen to the other children who were praying for their parents, grandparents, and pets. I remember talking to my mom one evening about who I should pray for. At the time, she talked to me about my cousin who was a soldier in the

  • My Spiritual Journey : My Spiritual Journey

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    My spiritual journey began when I started attending Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School in 2007. From the start, I always had a lot of questions on who God was, where he came from, and how he worked. When I entered the second grade my sister, who was going into eighth grade at the time, decided that she wanted to be confirmed into the Catholic Church along with the rest of her grade, but she had not been baptized just yet. My father, being Catholic, was happy to hear that she chose the Catholic

  • Spiritual Journey In Siddhartha

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    most popular novels, known as, Siddhartha, Hesse takes the reader on a spiritual journey. Hermann Hesse wrote the novel Siddhartha in 1922 after becoming fascinated with the Indian culture, as stated by an excerpt from Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century. The excerpt also stated that Hesse became fascinated with the Indian culture after his religious family performed a missionary there. In 1911, Hesse took a journey to India, which sparked his fascination even more, likewise expressed

  • Buddhism : A Spiritual Journey

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    Buddhism began with Siddharta Gautama in the 6th century B.C.E., he was originally Hindu but formed Buddhism when he saw the four sights of an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and an amendicant. He feels that was his sign to go for a spiritual journey. He tries Jainism and performs asceticism, extreme fasting. Gautama felt there should be something more than Jainism. After eating, he sits under the Bodhi Tree and becomes enlightened with the idea of Buddhism. The Sutra is the book of teachings for

  • The Journey : Spiritual Disciplines

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    (The Journey: Spiritual Disciplines) Spiritual disciplines will prepare us for our journey in Christ. I feel if understanding correctly, the classical Christian Pilgrimage remind us that we all have issues requiring regular examination. In chapter eight, the classical Christian Pilgrimage tells us we are at different stages on the path of wholeness in Christ. However, in my thoughts some areas of our Christian journey we may be doing well, but in other areas we have not touched at all

  • My Spiritual Journey

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    Personal Spiritual Journey My Spiritual Journey is my walk with God and Jesus Christ, from whom l seek solace and guidance every second, minute and hour of my day. Decisions that l make daily be it personal, educational and spiritual are based on what l feel is the Godly and ethical way. At a very young age, l was introduced to God and this when my walk with God began. Being raised in a Christian household l was taught about the importance of God and how he “supplied all our needs.” I am connected

  • My Spiritual Journey

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    A spiritual journey is the search of God in our lives. This journey often helps us to find the true inner meaning in our life. It doesn’t matter whether you go to church or not, nature is leading us to God. My spiritual journey began when I first moved to the United States. I was four years old when I left Haiti with my father and twin brother and heartbroken to leave my mom behind. My dad seized the opportunity to go to America where he would create a better future for us. Growing up was hard because

  • The Spiritual Journey Of Jesus

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    car, work and at home. Worship allows me to give thanks for the incredible gifts Jesus has given me and keeps my mind focused my spiritual journey in Jesus. Jesus is worth all the worship and praise as it says in Romans 12:1-2: “I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what