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  • Mughal Empires And The Apparels Of The Mughal Empire

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    exceptional items for the court and the emperors. During their reign, the Mughals had shifted and moved capitals several times to gain control over other respective kingdoms and places by declaring a war or battles. The capital moved from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri to Lahore to Agra and finally

  • Shah Jah A Position Of Living Arrangement

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    Shah Jahan was a dynamic supporter of castles and mosques. Blair and Bloom compose that upon Shah Jahan 's promotion, the stronghold at Agra was redesigned to incorporate three noteworthy courts: Halls of Public and Private Audience , Diwan-i Khass wa 'Am, ; a territory for fortunes and private group of onlookers , Machhi Bhavan, ; and a private court known as the Garden of Grapes , Anguri

  • India Essay

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    "If on Earth be an Eden of bliss, it is this, it is this, none but this"! That says a very well known Persian verse, written on one of the walls of the Public Auditorium of Lal Quila (Red Fort), in Old Delhi. They say India changes your state of mind and soul. India has this impact through its inhabitants, music, traditional dances and its marvelous monuments. Nobody can resist a warming welcoming and `spicy' country which smoothly seduces you. Our plane resound of applauses the very minute

  • The Taj Mahal : The Seven Wonders Of The World

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    attraction and is the pride of India’s nation, so don’t wait too long to see it for yourself. Commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the remains of his cherished wife, the Taj Mahal stands on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, India. The Taj Mahal was built over more than 20 years and is one of the most outstanding examples of Mughal architecture. Which combined Indian, Persian and Islamic influences. An estimated 20,000 laborers were recruited from all over Asia to

  • Architecture Of The Taj Mahal

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    The Taj Mahal, located on the southern bank of Yamuna River in Agra, India, is said to be created by Shah Jahan in 1632. It is known to be a complex mausoleum that combines Persian, Islamic, and Indian influences, and is one of the “world’s most celebrated structures and stunning symbols of India’s rich history”. From Sanskrit, Tejo Mahalay (Taj Mahal) means “The Great Abode of Tej”. In the Hindu religion, the name Shiva translates to Tejaji and Mahalay means mansion. Therefore, the Taj should have

  • North India And The Ganges Voyage

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    hours) Day 2 Delhi/Agra Stroll by the backstreets of Delhi through a guided walking tour with our assisted by our young tour representative, supporting New Delhi Street kids Project. Later, investigate Old Delhi with your tour representative before an evening. Transfer to Agra. Transport: Private Vehicle (3.00-4.00 hours, 200km) Meals included: Breakfast Day 3 Agra On reaching Agra explore the walled city, including the internationally renowned Taj Mahal, Baby Taj, and Agra Fort. Meals included:

  • A Report On Royal Rajasthan Essay

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    Royal Rajasthan This package covers Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Kimsar, Jaisalmer, Rohet & Udaipur and lasts 13 nights & 14 days DAY 1 – DELHI Arrival in New Delhi, where you will be received and assisted by our officials and representatives, who will take you to your hotel and help you to check-in. While the city of New Delhi is the capital of India and offers a seamless combination of ancient and contemporary architecture, which represents the country’s colonial past, the adjoining Old Delhi

  • Paragraph On Taj Mahal

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    in Agra, which is a densely populated city in Utter Pradesh having 1.5 million individuals. The name Taj Mahal itself has a grand meaning the crown of palaces. Agra is very famous due to Taj Mahal and attracts visitors towards it. The Taj gives its most splendid image in the morning with a specific glow rendered by the morning

  • Indus Nubra Valley Trip : Why This Trip?

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    Indus Nubra Valley Trip Why this trip? Indus valley has the most interesting and glorious monaseries with views of awesome Himalayas and Karakoram Range. Going by royal palces at Stok and Shey along with famous monasteries of this place around the captivating valley and villages with stunning views of the landscape. Also visit Bagso castle which consists oldest original murals and miniature paintings depicting the royal dresses of Kashmir and Mughals of that era. Enjoy the panaromic view of mountains

  • My Visit To Agra Essay

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    10 famous places you must visit while travelling from Delhi to Agra. It was my history teacher who always used to say that one must go and visit Delhi And Agra at the time of vacations. Winter was the time and I was having 7 days holidays. So, I with my family and brothers planned a 4 day trip to delhi and agra. All of us were excited to see the heart of India which has in it beautiful monuments , traditional markets, history of the ones who once ruled us , great architecture and many more Fascinating