Amadis de Gaula

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    Individualism is upholding behavior or beliefs that are divergent from mainstream standards. Furthermore, the relationship between the individual and the community is one of constant turmoil because the community’s obstinance in considering new ideas is in direct conflict to the individual’s tendency to dismiss conformity. An English autobiography from the late-medieval era, The Book of Margery Kempe, delineates the author as an outlier within the community due to her outlandish Christian practices

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    is a reference to something or an event from the past that the reader is expected to be familiar with. An example of this within Don Quixote can be found when he repeatedly refers to Amadis De Gaula. It is the story of a Spanish medieval knight who goes on adventures. Quixote tries to embrace the same habits as Amadis because he wants to be seen as a perfect knight also. Another allusion is made in

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