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  • Imperialism in Burma

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    Burma: a country of exceptional beauty, abundant natural resources, valuable minerals, fertile soil, and one of the healthiest climates in the tropics. Britain desired these features, so they imperialized the whole country in 1885 and imposed colonial rule throughout Burma. Imperialism is… The British benefit and hurt the country in many ways, completely changing the country forever. Western imperialism in Burma was more costly than beneficial; even though the British improved and modernized education

  • Unocal in Burma

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    discussed above also makes the moral standards that can be used to evaluate the moral decisions taken by the Unocal while investing for the Yadana project. Unocal even before undertaking the project conducted some socio-political analysis of the State of Burma. First research was conducted in 1991 by Amnesty International where they documented human rights violation and abuses against the indigenous people by the army which was controlled by SLORC. Even after receiving the report as well as the risks that

  • Effects Of Decolonization Of Burma

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    the consequences of abandoning their colonies without any guidance or support. Poor decolonization of Burma resulted in widespread oppression, downfall of the economy, and violation of human rights. Britain left Burma with a very weak government unable to control its own country. As a result, the democratic government was overthrown and a ruthless tyrant rose to power. Before British rule, Burma was a wealthy,

  • The Military Rule Of Burma

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    The land on which modern-day Myanmar stands could be traced back to Pagan Dynasty. Britain gradually took control of Myanmar in 1824. Burma was able to gain its independence from the Great Britain in 1948. Burma became a parliamentary democracy, granting autonomous states to minorities. In 1962 Union Revolutionary Council overthrew the civilian government and suspended the constitution. As a result, the country was under military rule from 1962 to 1988. The military government transitioned to a

  • The Political Engagement Of Burma

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    As Burma seeks to distance itself from China, despite Burma’s failed engagement on the energy front, India may very well be destined to be the major beneficiary. Burma has been grateful that India has focused on education, provision of technology and services, and infrastructure just as much as it has focused on energy (Maini, 2014). With all things considered, China virtually has monopoly over Burma’s offshore gas fields. Its economic and political engagement in Burma is greater than any other country

  • Burmese Food Culture : Burma

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    Burmese cuisine Burma, also known as Myanmar, is located in the Southeast Asia and bordered by India, China, Thailand and Laos. Because of its special geographical location, Burma is a multicultural country and it has different ethnic groups like Indian, Chinese and Thai. Burmese food culture didn 't get much attention for everyone because of their history. But in fact, the Burmese food culture is very similar to the other Asian countries ' that has its very attractive features. So in order

  • The Causes Of Ethnic Cleansing In Burma

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    Burma I argue that Wirathu of Burma’s preaching of hate-filled sermons should not be tolerated. While it is not the cause of the ethnic cleansing in Burma, his sermons can instigate violence between the Muslims and Buddhists in the country. This ignites more rationalization of the ethnic cleansing. Burma is no stranger to war or outside influence from other countries in the west, and after the Buddhists of the county fought against military rule in 2007, they won the international administration

  • The Oppressed People of Burma Essays

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    The Oppressed People of Burma Burma, like many other Southeast Asian nations, is a land of much culture and diversity of ethnic groups. Unfortunately, unlike the people of other nations, the people of Burma have been stripped of their human rights. Since the military junta had overtaken the Burmese government in 1988, the people of Burma have been among the most oppressed people in the world. The continuation of the government’s brutality has caught the attention of many outside nations around

  • Democracy Was Not Suitable For Burma

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    political factions, such as the Red Flag Communists, the White Flag Communists, the Thirty Comrades, the Revolutionary Burma Army, and the Karen National Union. In 1962 General Ne Win and the Revolutionary Council led a military Junta that seized control of the Government. They deposed of Prime Minister U Nu and openly declared that “Parliamentary democracy was not suitable for Burma.” (Hoare 2015) The highly superstitious and oppressive leadership of Ne Win can be observed in what was labeled The Burmese

  • Ethnic Conflict And Violence In The Rakhine State Of Burma

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    violence are crucial factors in understanding what motivates groups to commit such atrocious crimes. In the Rakhine State of Burma a bloody battle has emerged, placing the Rohingya population of the country in the crosshairs of violent military crackdown and discrimination by the majority Buddhist population. Due to a long complex relationship between the different groups of Burma, predominantly the muslims and buddhist, a culture of hatred has cast out those in the Rakhine State, Muslim population,