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  • Lime Creek Nature Center

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    Imagine taking a relaxing walk in the bright warm summer air and all you can hear is the birds chirping around you. The Lime Creek Nature Center could provide this very opportunity! Lime Creek is a site in Mason City that informs visitors all about native plants and animals. The Lime Creek Nature Center is an old site in Mason City that is still thriving today, providing education, and fun activities for those who lives in Mason City or chose to visit, with numerous activities to do such as hunting

  • Descriptive Essay : ' Eyes Under The Water '

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    Dawson Sturgis April 15th, 2017 Fountain Memory Essay Eyes Under the Water I live beneath the depths of Lewis Smith Lake, a large reservoir in North Alabama. My streets are made up of big boulders, clay mud, grass, and gravel. My highways stretch twenty-one thousand acres. My depth can reach up to five hundred feet below the surface in some places. Boat docks are spread throughout the five hundred miles of shoreline and are home to some of the lake’s most expensive boats. Along the hillsides there

  • Great Plains Ecosystem Essay

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    Aquatic habitats in the Great Plains region were historically dominated by rivers and streams with associated wetlands and few natural lakes. Native fishes are typically riverine species that are in many cases adapted to strong current, turbid water, and a wide range of water temperatures. However, many species that require clear water and cool temperatures are found as relict populations in springs and headwater streams. The native and introduced fish fauna are an important link in food chains for