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  • Personal Essay: The Hunger Games

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    bump into someone. Now if I come across that situation, I will fight them off. Yes, I may be a girl and most girls aren’t stronger than boys. But, I have fought with my cousin that is a male and 14. He is also way taller than me, but he had me in a chokehold and I fought my way out of the choke hold. After fighting my way out, I put him on the ground. If someone in the games tries to get the same bag as me in the Cornucopia, then I can fight them off and

  • Police Brutality? Essay

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    Police Brutality? In the criminal justice field one of the most debated issues centers on the use of certain techniques when trying to subdue combative suspects. Since incidents like the Rodney King beating, people have started paying more attention to how the police handle suspects. Questions concerning the deaths of people after a tazor was used or the choke hold had been applied have been raised recently. The use of tazor guns, which were first introduced in the 1970's and put out a jolt

  • Why I don't Cry

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    Hi I’m Cade right now I’m sitting at a table afraid to stand up for myself, let me rewind. I’m 11 years old and I’m I live with my mom and two sisters. We have three dogs, two cats and one horse. As you can tell we love animals! My dad and mom split up when I was about 9-10 years old when this happened. So my dad moved to ludlow Vermont. He met a girl named Lily and they started dating. We hung out with her we would alternate weekends so every other weekend was his. He stayed there and after awhile

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    “NOOO! DON’T DO IT!” Annistynn shrieked, “Don’t take us ple-.” Her shrieking was ended with a cloth over her mouth and a trunk door slamming shut. Five hours earlier, Annistynn and her sister, McKenna were holiday shopping together for their parents and grandparents. Annistynn is two years older than McKenna and has a mom-like personality, so it was always her job to make sure McKenna was safe and nothing happened to her even though she was fifteen years old. Annistynn was always paranoid about

  • Excessive Force Compliance: A Scene Analysis

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    suspicion of selling unlicensed cigarettes. Only, to have that uncorroborated by witness on the scene. Third, the officers never told Garner he was being detained or under arrest; the officers didn’t even say he was under arrest when placing him in chokehold. Fourth, Garner pleads for his life to officers that he could not breathe and officers ignored him and increased the level of force to detain him. The incident, then, was a clear instance of the broader problem of police brutality and how police

  • Sergeant In Eric Garner Case Study

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    Sergeant in Eric Garner Case to Face Departmental Charges A New York City police sergeant has been charged internally and stripped of her gun and badge over the death of Eric Garner on July 2014. The NYPD sergeant was in charge when Garner was put in a chokehold. She is the first officer to face formal disciplinary action in connection with his death. According to CBS, the move to penalize Sergeant Kizzy Adonis attracted the wrath of the Sergeants Benevolent Association on Friday. Sgt. Kizzy Adonis was among

  • Racial Protests And Its Impact On Black Culture

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    a black time of need, some of society did come to lend aid, but many others came to silence and oppress further; in terms of social media, reporting, and even complete silence on the topic. Eric Garner died by a chokehold, chest compression, and underlying poor health, with the chokehold being performed by a law

  • Garner's Struggle With Money

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    to a died person?. Who gave up to you and tried to tell you that he is not breathing from the chokehold. Nonetheless, Keneally states, “The July 17 incident was caught on video and NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton previously described the officer’s move as a chokehold, which is not an approved technique for the police department.”(Keneally, dec 3, 2014) This shows the police officer has no right to chokehold Garner where he used to be trained on the academy to attack the people who refused to give in

  • Segregation, Racism, And Racism

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    streets of Staten Island, New York City. Undercover NYPD officers approached Garner and confronted him while Garner denied and attempted resisted arrest as officers handcuffed him. Finally Daniel Pantaleo, one of the many officers, put Garner into a chokehold and took his life after he said he couldn’t breathe, 11 times. Months later the Supreme court let Pantaleo go free of charges. Although some argue that Garner shouldn’t have resisted arrest and his health conditions caused him to pass away, Garner’s

  • Responsible For The Death Of Eric Garner

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    So, on the basis of the video evidence, it is quite clear that the New York police were responsible for the death of Eric Garner; that they used excessive force relative to the magnitude of the situation at hand; and that they failed to take Garner's own pleas with adequate seriousness. The result was what, conceptually, could only be called a homicide. This is the conclusion that was reached by an official medical examiner. The seriousness of the incident is clearly exacerbated by the fact that