Chukwu octuplets

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    the headlines in 2009 for giving birth to octuplets. Nayda Suleman began IVF treatments at the age of 21 in 1997 by Dr. Michael Kamrava. From the years beginning 2001-2006 she was a single, unemployed mother that had a total of 6 children by IVF (Press, 2009). (4 sons, 2 daughters) In 2008 she had six remaining embryos from her previous IVF treatments. Dr. Kamrava implanted the additional six embryos, and on January 26, 2009 Octomom gave birth to octuplets (8 children). This was her sixth pregnancy

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    not able to conceive and deliver a child the ability to do so. In 2009 the Suleman Octuplets were born using the IVF technique to a single mother who also had six other children under the same methods. The Suleman Octuplets and their mother, Nadya Suleman, became a focus of interest for many based on the controversy and ethical dilemmas that surrounded their birth. Ethical Implications in the Suleman Octuplet Case and the Theories and Principles that Apply Prior to the

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    EA 3.2 Literary Analysis: character analysis As the white man began to infiltrate the Ibo Peoples’ land a mixture of two cultures started to come about. The newcomers started having a mass scale impact on their culture on their differences and similarities to one another. One man odd to this new group named Mr Brown i consider him much different and has a way to grab the Ibo’s attention. He has begun to

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