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  • The Wasteland Analysis

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    The Movements of The Wasteland In modern literature, Thomas Stearns Eliot is one of the most recognized poets as he had a large part mending the modern literature era during the time between the world wars. In this essay, I will analyze T.S Eliot’s The Wasteland and the various ways Eliot used sound to create something special for the audience to experience. Along with identifying T.S Eliot’s influences, from his experiences. The Wasteland is an exemplar modern poem that doesn’t compare to any other

  • Essay on A Handful of Optimism

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    A Handful of Optimism Despite race, religion, sex, or age the world can be divided into two different groups. Those who see the glass as being half full and those who see the glass as being half empty. In other words, being either that of an optimist or a pessimist. Though a simple question, often times people find it difficult to answer. Just when one thinks they have decided that they are one or the other, they come across a song, poem, or an experience that makes them reevaluate the mind

  • Essay on Eco-Poetics Reading in The Wate Land by T.S. Eliot

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    What is an eco-poetics reading of T. S. Eliot’s, ‘The Waste Land’? In this discussion of Eliot’s poem I will examine the content through the optic of eco-poetics. Eco- poetics is a literary theory which favours the rhizomatic over the arborescent approach to critical analysis. The characteristics of the rhizome will provide the overarching structure for this essay. Firstly rhizomes can map in any direction from any starting point. This will guide the study of significant motifs in ‘The Waste Land