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  • The Importance of Fighting in Hockey

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    with the most distinguished and unique signature is hockey and its fights. However, hockey officials and executives are trying to eliminate the games most distinctive aspect. Yet, because of the recent decline in the amount of fighting in the National Hockey League (NHL) and since a ban on fighting in the NHL could jeopardize the popularity of the sport, eliminating fighting from games may not be necessary. Over recent years, the amount of fighting in NHL games has been on the decline and the role

  • Fighting in Hockey

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    The Debate on Fighting in Hockey Brandon M. Robsion Devry University The Debate on Fighting in Hockey There is no sporting event that brings an explosion quite like that of an ice hockey fight. Ice hockey has always been stereotyped as brutal and unnecessarily violent, a game full of players who are nothing but “goons”. Fighting in hockey is a form of sanctioned violence, as it has deemed acceptable in hockey since the introduction of the National Hockey League in 1917. The league did note

  • Fighting In Hockey

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    Professional hockey players eat, sleep, and breathe the game. This passion breeds a rare type of diehard fan to follow the sport. The game of hockey is over 100 years old and fighting is one element that has kept players engaged and fans hooked throughout the years. The first indoor hockey game was played in 1875 and the NHL was formed 42 years later in 1917. In 1922, fighting was added to the rule book as a regulated aspect of the game. Looking at the history of hockey shines a light on the

  • Negative Consequences Of Fighting In Hockey

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    It’s All Fun and Games When Someone Gets Hurt Since the beginning of hockey, fans have gone crazy for the entertainment fights bring to the games. The punches thrown, blood drawn and players knocked out certainly excites the crowd and are part of the culture of the game. In fact, it is so widely accepted, that teams specifically hire big guys to be “enforcers” that protect the rest of the team and throw the punches no one else cares to. Despite its duration in the league, do these fights have negative

  • Should Fighting Be Allowed In Hockey

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    Should fighting be allowed in the NHL? Fighting in the NHL has been around forever. Whether it's from 2 experienced heavy weights duking it out to try and change the momentum of a game, or it's a pair of young guns trying to prove a point. There are many reasons for fighting in the NHL but what most people don't know is the injuries caused from fighting. Fighting has been in the NHL since 1922, the NHL started 1917 so basically fighting has been in the NHL since the beginning. Fighting in the NHL

  • Short Summary: Fighting In Professional Hockey

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    Fighting in Professional Hockey Fighting has been a part of hockey ever since it was invented and has played a big role in the game. It is the only non-fighting professional sport that allows fighting to happen. Players are assessed a five minute penalty when they engage in a fight, but are not fined or suspended. Fighting in hockey is a hot topic right now, and just about everyone associated with the game has an opinion on it. Usually when a player fights, he does it to protect a teammate. Two

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fighting In National Hockey

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    the first image that comes to mind when you think of hockey? The Stanley cup? The average amount of goals scored in a game? No, Most people think of fighting. Two people going at it, trying to kill each other while on ice. There is a lot of controversy if this should stay in the game. I think fighting should be allowed in the National Hockey League (NHL). Some of the reason why fighting should be allowed in the National Hockey League are fighting could prevent other injuries.Fighting is also used

  • Why Is Fighting In Ice Hockey Essay

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    is Fighting Allowed in Ice Hockey? The frequent fighting tradition in the armature and professional Ice Hockey has been a part of the sport for many centuries and the fans love it when individuals or teams fight. Contrary to popular belief, fighting is punishable in the game although tolerated. The fines are minor, commonly five minutes out of the game. This situation is different in other sports where fighting attracts suspension, ejection, and huge fines. The fighting culture in Ice Hockey goes

  • Meaning of Life and Hockey Essay

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    it, but there are quite a few similarities between the Baliness cock-fight and hockey in Canada. The cockfight is a major sporting event in the Baliness community and hockey is a major sport for Canadians. In both, the objective is to win. In the Baliness society a person can’t bet against a cock from the family, or village, but can bet against an enemy. One should not be betting against you own hometown team in hockey. 2 roosters have sharp metal spurs on their legs, are to fight until the death

  • Hockey As A Hobby For Canadians Essay

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    What started as a hobby for Canadians, hockey has developed into the glorified sport that takes the time of millions of people on Saturday night. Not only has this game changed the lives of people living in the great white north; hockey itself has earned a reputation where fights and violence steal the show. The moment where two players drop their gloves and pull up the always interfering elbow guards could bring a whole arena to its feet. However, In the last couple years, this iconic piece of the