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  • The Causes Of Valley Forge

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    Continental Army set up their post at Valley Forge, a military camp 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia. It was not big enough to be called a village - it only had a few fieldstone houses and a mill for forging iron. The Quaker farms in the area offered good food and support for Washington’s men, so they accepted. However, as the days went by, they realized that maybe that hadn’t been such a good idea. The soldiers in the Continental Army should have left Valley Forge because of death and illness, living

  • Quit Valley Forge

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    spent their winter at Valley forge and I am one of them Many stayed for 2 years but many left at 9 months. If you were a soldier at valley Forge would you have quit? because of These three reasons I am not re enlisting, sickness, risk and conditions In Valley Forge the Huts were 16 by 14 feet and very cramped for 12 men to fit with all of their belongings. Winter was rough with the cold air in the sky and because of this many soldiers froze. Before I joined valey forge i heard about the tea act and

  • Valley Forge Essay

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    Valley Forge: Quit or Stay When a person is in a stressful situation on instinct they have two options, fight or flight. In war the same is true. War is not always bayonets and bullets, it’s the decisions you make during times of hardship. A soldier has to make the decision whether to keep fighting for what they believe in no matter what the stakes or to flee. In December of 1777, George Washington and his troops arrived at Valley Forge. Since the summer of 1775, all has gone well for the Continental

  • The Pros And Cons Of Valley Forge

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    There’s a part on a word doc. for the conclusion. Valley Forge I am a soldier at Valley Forge, sacrificing myself for my suffering country so that we all can be free from Britain's control. I am in tatter'd clothes and have barely enough food to survive, but I’ll go through this just so my country doesn't have to suffer any more. “The war started on December 1777, me along with the rest of the army camped out at Valley Forge (Roden 141).” “A few young women developed “scarlet fever,” a fascination

  • Summary Of Prayer At Valley Forge

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    “Prayer at Valley Forge,” shows George Washington praying for his troops during the harsh winter but does not fully allow the viewer to understand the conditions of soldiers during their stay at Valley Forge. Valley Forge is one of the most famous times during the American Revolution even though it was not a battle. At this point in the war the Americans were losing the Revolution and many soldiers were sick and dying while the others were deserting. If I would have been at Valley Forge I would have deserted

  • The Drum Women At Valley Forge

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    The book Following the Drum Women at the Valley Forge Encampment gave a very good incite to not just what it was like for the men at Valley Forge, but what it was like for the women who were there. “In the winter of 1777-8 at Valley Forge there were about one woman of every forty-four men” (Loane 133). I think book stressed that these women were incredibly helpful in the effort to rebuild this army through the rough winter, no matter what their job were. Although “ Washington did not think much of

  • Winter At Valley Forge Analysis

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    Decision for Valley Forge In Winter at Valley Forge, 1777- 1778, I made a choice that I wouldn’t be able to change afterwards. I thought that Paris is more excited for the revolution than all of the United States together. That is not a good thing. Valley Forge was only 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia. This is where we will watch the British. I have decided to re-enlist for three reasons which are because the army needs more soldiers, the conditions at camp, and what would be life back at home

  • Explain What Happened At Valley Forge

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    Valley Forge Andrew Hoffman Mountain View High School Valley Forge The Continental Army, led by George Washington, spent the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge. This was 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, where the British had taken control of earlier that year. The conditions were terrible at Valley Forge, the weather was freezing and many soldiers didn’t have many clothes, but they had to stay close enough to Philadelphia to keep an eye on the British (Washington leads). Although

  • Mandatory Essay: Valley Forge And The American Revolution

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    a makeshift hospital, where surgeons are inside amputating a man’s leg because he got frostbite in the cold winter weather. One month from now, on March 1, I am going to be asked if I would like to leave this place. The place in question is Valley Forge a place 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia, where the British are comfortably quartered. It is the winter of 1777-1778 and the American Revolutionary War has just begun (Roden 141). So the big question is: will I re-enlist or not? Personally, I have

  • George Washington's Army: The Battle Of Valley Forge

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    The Battle of Valley Forge As all of us soldiers get ready to fight in the war, all soldiers feel terrified to make a move. Soldiers are scared, they think they do not have a lot of men. Scared, the soldiers think they might lose. I have decided to reenlist for three reasons which is my team needs me, take care of people who are sick, and encourage soldiers to win the fight. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was one of the first battles of the American Revolution. Declaration of Independence was