G. Harrold Carswell

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    On January 29th, 1970, feminist icon Betty Friedan testified before the Senate Judicial committee to protest the appointment of Judge George Harrold Carswell to Supreme Court Justice. With this testimony, Friedan hoped to persuade the committee to reject Carswell’s nomination. In her testimony, Friedan was clear, concise, and effective. Friedan employed many different techniques to provide examples and backings for her assertions. Within the first few sentences of her speech, the activist establishes

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    The Division of power between the President and the Senate to nominate and confirm a Supreme Court Justice was an important decision made by our founding fathers. It is apart of the President’s responsibility to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the Senate’s to confirm the nomination. The U.S. Constitution established a system of "checks and balances" among the powers of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of government. The designation procedure of government judges is a critical

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