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  • Henry Clay Essay

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    Henry Clay: The Great Compromiser Henry Clay is probably the most famous Congressman to have never been elected President. He was known as the Great Compromiser, and was a member of the Congress for 40 years. Clay was a member of the "Great Triumvirate" along with Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun. In his time in Washington he ran for president 5 times, but was never successful. He founded the Whig party, and was instrumental in defining the issues of the second party system. He also served

  • A Just Leader, Henry Clay

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    A Just Leader, Henry Clay Former Secretary of State, Henry clay, was born on April 12, 1777 in Hanover County, Virginia. Henry Clay’s parents were Reverend John Clay and Elizabeth Hudson Clay and in addition to him they had six children. Reverend John Clay died in 1781 when Henry Clay was only four years old. His father’s death resulted in a meager upbringing in which continued even when his mother remarried. As a young boy, he obtained a public education in a small rural school in Virginia and

  • The Powerful Henry Clay Essay

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    Henry Clay was the first Speaker of the House that really helped to establish the position and increase the power. Clay served three terms as Speaker of the House and in those years demonstrated how his tactics were effective as well as successful. Henry Clay was personable, and his youth and assertiveness made him a popular choice for Speaker. Clay used his position to place his allies in important committees to achieve these goals. As Clay gained clout in the House of Representatives, he was

  • Henry Clay Essay

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    Henry Clay Frick      In this paper I am going to talk about how Henry Clay Frick was an important man to our history and some things that he contributed. Not only was he a successful industrialist, but an art patron and a philanthropist. He was one of the most important people that helped put Pittsburgh on the map.      It all started in a small town in Westmoreland county called West Overton. He was born in 1849 into a wealthy family not his parents

  • henry clays american system Essay

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    Henry Clay’s American System 1832 Background: Following the War of 1812, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and John Quincy Adams helped form a new political agenda, which promised to meet the needs of America. It was a new nationalist United States. Henry Clay's "American System" was a neofederalist program of a national bank, a tariff to promote and protect industry’s, and financial improvements. Parties Involved: Henry Clays started as lawyer In Richmond, Virginia. In 1797 he quickly acquired

  • Analysis Of Andrew Jackson And Henry Clay

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    Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay came from very similar backgrounds, yet they considered each other total opposites in regard to politics and morals. Both men became the leaders of two political parties: The Democrats, headed by Jackson, and the Whigs, headed by Clay. The main topics of debate between Jackson, Clay and their respective parties focused their arguments on the core principals of Clay’s American system, which were subsidies for internal improvements, protective tariffs and most importantly

  • Henry Clay 's Defense Of The American System

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    S. senate, in February 1832, Kentucky Senator Henry Clay gave a speech called “In defense of the American System.” Henry Clay’s “American System” included a protective tariff, a national bank, and federally funded internal improvements. In the speech, Clay defined the most important part of the American system. Henry Clay stated, “…The policy we have been considering ought to be continued to be regarded as the genuine American System.” The policy Clay was speaking of was the Protective Tariff. The

  • Analysis Of Henry Clay 's ' The Great Compromiser '

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    fit. Henry Clay is known for the strides he made to improve the quality of life for the American people. Henry Clay put forth every effort to become the president of the United States. Clay never became president but he had great influence in government matters. His skill of effectively charming people and finding balance in negotiations earned him the nickname, “The Great Compromiser” (Clay, 2015). Henry Clay was born and raised in Virginia. Henry’s family was part of the middle-class. Clay was

  • What Is The Role Of Henry Clay In The Great Compromise In 1850?

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    paints a vivid picture of Henry Clay. Clay is brought out as a man who was contradictory. He fought against the slavery, but on the other hand, he equally owned slaves. He was a common man but unfortunately could not be elected as the president of the country. Clay was an outstanding man who however was identified with lack of discipline. His dedication to an idea that the nation was a continuous union of people was not certain. Robert Remini explores the role of Henry Clay in the molding of the “Great

  • Causes Of Henry Clay Responsible For The Kidnapping Of Andrew Jackson

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    undertook this mission as a task of frustration. This man is formerly known as Henry Clay. Henry Clay is responsible for the kidnapping of Andrew Jackson because of Jackson’s disinterest in the American system, harsh treatment of Indians, and path to becoming president. Henry Clay was a prime suspect since the beginning due to his strong belief in the American System and Jackson’s strong disapproval of it. Henry Clay created the American system in order to preserve the Bank of America and develop