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    Have you been your true, happy self lately? Finding happiness is one of the most challenging things to do, and just saying that you are happy can be a total lie. Happiness is something you have to find, and it will eventually some to you even if you aren’t in search of happiness. I agree with John Stuart Mill because he states that you can achieve happiness if you do what you love, and to just let happiness come to you rather than chasing it. John Stuart Mill was an English philosopher, political

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    Carlyle​ ​and​ ​Mill​ ​And​ ​Their​ ​Differences​ ​Of​ ​Opinion​ ​On​ ​Nature,​ ​Agriculture,​ ​and​ ​Humanity Thomas Carlyle’s Occasional Discourse On The Negro Question and John Stuart Mill’s responding essay, The Negro Question, primarily deal with the implications of a liberated black population in the West Indies. However, the texture of their respective arguments lends itself to rhetoric of nature and agriculture. Carlyle and Mill could not see humanity’s relationship with nature more differently

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    Free the Circus Animals. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the circus! Thats what you hear from the announcer every time you go to a family fun circus extravaganza isn't it? Well every time your ooing and aweing a miserable animal is brought in to perform unnatural tricks. Many of them have been abused, stolen, bought and kept in cages just to do a trick for you. Do you ever get wonder how they know where to go and when to stop or to stand on a block. The trainers take very hard and horrible measures

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    Geographers are known to research both the human and physical geography of foreign lands. They make connections of the information gathered between human and physical geography through their experiences. Geographers must interact with people and be aware of their own views of the world and should aspire to communicate unbiased opinions and understanding of the people’s cultures. In their writing authors ability to understand and work across cultural boundaries is the framework for an individual to

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