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  • Jay-Z

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    Artist of Change goes by a few names such as Hova or Jigga, but most know him as Jay-Z. He is a distinguished entrepreneur, owning a record company, clothing line, and a variety of other businesses. He has a net worth of over half a billion dollars. As for his musical achievements, Jay Z has the most number 1 albums, on the billboard 200 for a solo artist. He is second only to The Beatles as an artist in general. Jay was born in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects. Where he survived an environment of drugs

  • Jay Gatsby

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    The novel, The Great Gatsby focuses on one of the focal characters, James Gatz, also known as Jay Gatsby. He grew up in North Dakota to a family of poor farm people and as he matured, eventually worked for a wealthy man named Dan Cody. As Gatsby is taken under Cody’s wing, he gains more than even he bargained for. He comes across a large sum of money, however ends up getting tricked out of ‘inheriting’ it. After these obstacles, he finds a new way to earn his money, even though it means bending the

  • Jay-Z Essay

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    Originally from Marcy Houses housing project in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City,[9] Jay-Z was abandoned by his father Adnes Reeves and shot his brother in the shoulder for stealing his jewelry[10] when he was twelve years old.[11] Jay-Z attended Eli Whitney High School in Brooklyn, along with rapper AZ, until it was closed down. After that he attended George Westinghouse Information Technology High School in Downtown Brooklyn, with fellow rappers The Notorious B.I

  • Jay Gatsby Thesis

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    Jay Gatsby is a thirty years old millionaire, who spent his childhood on a rural Farm in North Dakota. He despised poverty and dreamed to become a very rich and sophistication gentleman. Jay left his family’s farm at about 17 to go to St. Olaf’s College but shortly dropped out because he could not bear to be janitor anymore even though it was paying for his tuition. At first we had no clue how Gatsby got his money it was not specified for us for quite a few chapters until nick and Jay went to lunch

  • The Death Of Jay Gatsby

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    Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in The Great Gatsby is where the titular character, Jay Gatsby, or James Gatz as he was first known as, meets his untimely end. To understand the nature of Gatsby’s death, first you must know the circumstances that precede it. Myrtle, Mr. Wilson’s wife, was run over by Gatsby’s car, which Daisy was driving. Driven by vengeance and the mistaken belief that Gatsby had killed Myrtle, Mr. Wilson proceeded to murder Gatsby and then himself. While miscommunication

  • Eulogy Of Jay Gatsby

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    known as Jay Gatsby. When I first moved here to West Egg a few years ago I quickly took notice of Jay and was determined to find out more about him. To my own surprise, Gatsby grew on me and as time progressed our friendship prospered. You see, Gatsby was different from the people of West Egg, he was better and he deserved better than what he got. He also threw the most outstanding parties in history. {chuckles lightly} Day by day, my respect for this extraordinary man grew and grew stronger. Jay had

  • Is Jay Gatsby A Hero

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    author's past and he gives small gestures that will tie into what Fitzgerald did in his life as a young adult and it will transfer to the characteristics of Jay Gatsby. This famous piece of literature takes place in Long Island right around the Great Depression and the prohibition which will make Gatsby's obtain a lavish and awed lifestyle. Jay Gatsby may come off as a hopeful and successful man but many portray him as an antihero. His crazy and hectic life consisted of marvelous

  • Jay Gatsby Analysis

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    While Jay Gatsby was a man of mystery he was also one consumed with superficiality. We do not know much about him until we delve deeper into his background and how it affected him his whole life. Growing up in poverty inclined him to view a wealthy lifestyle with hungry eyes, willing to do anything to achieve it, not thinking twice about the consequences. Wealth was one of many goals Jay Gatsby set in his lifetime, but it was not the most important one. Daisy Buchanan was his last goal and his longest

  • Who Is Jay Gatsby

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    Jay Gatsby is the main character in the book "The Great Gatsby". Even though the reader do not know much about him. He is a mysterious guy who throws extravagant parties to attract his long lost love Daisy. During most of the story his personality, character, and background is untold to the readers. But during chapter 6 there is a in depth flashback of Gatsby past and the readers lean about him and why he is who he is. "James Gatz, that was really, or at least legally, his name" page 98. We learned

  • The Consequences Of Jay Gatsby

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    suffers throughout his life must, therefore, resort to illusions to cope. Jay Gatsby, was a poor youth from North Dakota who could never accept the fate that he was given in life. He never had enough money to marry the woman he loved and was forced to pay for his college by working as a janitor. As a result of all the defeats and drawbacks that Gatsby suffered through during his youth, he began to despise the life that he lived. Jay Gatsby was a man that “defie[d] oppressive society by trying to conform