John Joseph Mitty

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    Since the day I started kindergarten, all of my schools’ student handbooks have consisted of dress codes that have prohibited leggings, short shorts, short skirts, short dresses, off-the-shoulder shirts, tank tops, and the list goes on. As I looked through the boys’ list, I noticed much more leniency. I remembered my middle school teacher bringing out a measuring tape to measure each girls’ skirt to the inch every morning. I never saw a teacher measure the boys’ shorts to make sure they weren’t above

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    his words into her heart, a strong reverence stirred in her heart. Something in his words brought her back to the loneliness she herself had felt when her mother had died when she was twelve. She had been born on May 21st, 1780, the third daughter of John and Catherine Gurney. She knew well how it was to feel lonely, as her mother’s death in 1792 had thrust the care of her eight younger siblings upon her and her older sisters. Tonight her heart developed a new longing. She felt a deep connection with

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    through difficult situations may prove to be harder than originally thought. [B] Hope is a powerful idea, only fully being understood in the hardest of times. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber and “The Secret Life by Walter Mitty” by Moses Ma show and describe the adventures of a man named Walter Mitty, who not only has a vivid imagination but also never ceases to lose the thought that things always get better. Yes, hope is the thought that things will eventually turn out in a positive

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