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  • Journey Short Story

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    We exited the cave, and it gave way to the castle’s large and wall-less garden, where many gathered. Some sat on blankets for winter picnics, while others danced to a folk tune I didn’t recognize, but it was the young woman in a black dress that made me smile. With all caution and care, she played with a group of five to eight children. They didn’t cry, but offered simple smiles, laughter and giggles, as her game of Ring Around the Rosie, switched to Duck, Duck Goose. It brought a tear to my eye

  • Jomungandr Research Paper

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    is one event to trigger it all, and that involves the tale of Jormungandr. One of the Loki’s brood, Jormungandr was a serpent of incredible size. Fearing its power Odin cast the serpent into the waters of Midgard believing it to be the end. Instead of crippling Jormungandr, Odin only made it stronger. There the serpent feast upon the defenseless creatures

  • A Brief Story Of My Hero's Journey

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    of the North Sea. Enar Ulfmaerr and his crew were struggling to keep their boat from capsizing. Enar had beaten Tyr and Thor in a battle. Odin had seen this battle, he gave him the mission of hunting down the resting place of the world serpent, Jörmungandr. His mission was to find the place where the head was and mark it. Enar set out with his team eight days before, and they traveled through storms and crashing waves to get to their destination. “Captain! The ship can’t take another hit!” Magnus

  • Character Analysis Of Loki

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    Jormungandr offers a literary representation of cyclical nature of the Norse gods. The wily god is also a mother. Loki needed to lure away a powerful male horse while in disguise oddly enough, he later showed up with his son Sleipnir, also known as Odin 's

  • Lupus: The Obligation Of The Wolf

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    This is the constellation Lupus. It is the constellation of the wolf. I have chosen this constellation as my favorite for a number of reasons; firstly, I chose this constellation because I love wolves. I think they are beautiful and mjestic, but seriously misunderstood creatures. I also chose this constellation because, Professor Remus Lupin, from the original sources of Hogwarts, was one of my most beloved characters inthe series. Before this constellation was named Lupus, meaning wolf, it was

  • The End Of The World Essay

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    Ethan Retland November 4, 2014 World religions Research paper The End of the World How will the world end? It has been asked by many different civilizations over the eons and has almost as many possible endings. Since mankind first started to record history there have been tales of creation and the end of the world. According to John Black in The Story of Ragnarok and the Armageddon, “it (the end days) is the ‘Judgment Day’ described in the Book of Revelations; in Judaism, it is the Achart hayamin;

  • Norse Mythology : The Norse Gods

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    How Marvel Comics has Americanized the Norse Pantheon Norse mythology has always been close to the consciousness of the public. If we look at all the references in comics, movies, literature, art, music and graphic novels it is absolutely full of them. This close relationship to the Norse myths could be embedded into our society partly because of the influence of Christianity into the Scandinavian culture during their changing of religion. The texts that we have as our source material are the

  • Social And Cultural Belief On Art Practice

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    Ouroborus Introduction The brief for this assignment is as I see it to research more than 8 carving cultures and to explain the impact of social and cultural belief on art practice. To present research material in the correct form and record citations and bibliography correctly. This information is based on the question. “Is the Ouroborus relevant to our culture of carving from a personal, local and global view point?” Within this essay I will try to provide information that explains what “Ouroborus”

  • Chapter 1 Essay

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    beginning of time, even the secrets that Odin learned at the well of knowledge. Even more, I knew where the great serpent was locked away. With a waving of my hand, a torrential rain began to fall, and the area began to quickly flood. “Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr, your time has arrived. I summon