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  • just war Essay

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    One of the oldest traditions in religious ethics is that of the just war. The "Just War Theory" specifies under which conditions war is just. Opposition based on the Just War Theory differs from that of pacifists. Oppositionists oppose particular wars but not all war. Their opposition is based on principals of justice rather than principles of pacifism (Becker 926). In the monotheistic religious traditions of Christianity and Islam, one role of God (or Allah) is to limit or control aggressions

  • Nonviolence And Just War Theory

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    Nonviolence and Just War Theory “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9) Historically, there has been consistent disagreement between political philosophers regarding the possibility of a justification of war. Theorists from Grotius to Gandhi have from time immemorial argued about whether violence can ever be sanctioned as a viable recourse for preventing evil. History itself, at various times, seems to offer lessons regarding the complexity of the issue—demonstrating

  • Argumentative Essay On Just War

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    on the Just War theory has grown much stronger. There was one big point or situation that came up in the debate, it was when the question was brought asking if a murderer came into your house and you knew he was going to shoot your family. Would you pick up a gun and fight back or would you stand by and let your family be killed? Another big point is that Just Wars are allowed because God is just and he commanded wars. How can you stand against this when God strictly says to go wage war. Pacifists

  • Just War Is A Just War

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    Possibility of a Just War According to Thomas Hobbes, “The state of peace among men living side by side is not the natural state; the natural state is one of war.” Throughout history, humans are continually at war with one another. Beginning with the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt in 3100 B.C., there were one or more wars taking place every five hundred years. Some wars reach a conclusion in a few months, while others last several years. For example, England and France spent over a hundred

  • Just War Theory and Pacifism

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    will evaluate literature on the topic, identify the different justifications for killing in time of war and decide if they legitimize our actions. After describing some compelling arguments, I will defend my own position that pacifism is the only ideal which mankind should embrace. According to traditional just war theory, a just cause must serve peace and not simply protect an unjust status quo. War must be used as a last resort and all pacifistic approaches must be

  • The Just War Theory Essay

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    What is the Just War theory and how did it pertain to St. Augustine? According to Augustine there is no private right to kill. According to Paul Ramsey opposes in The Just War, Christian participation in warfare “was not actually an exception to the commandment, “you shall not murder” but instead an expression of the Christian understanding of moral and political responsibility. One can kill only under the authority of God. St. Augustine argued that Christian rulers had such an obligation to make

  • Essay on The Just War Doctrine

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    War, in all its forms, is tragic. International law was created to establish some basis of rules to abide by—including war—and states have signed on to such a contract. The actions of states in this ever globalizing world are difficult to be controlled. The source of international law operates through the hands of the United Nations. The enforcement of the law occurs through reciprocity, collective action, and a display of international norms (Goldstein, p. 254). War in fact has been given a justification

  • Just War Theory: A Critique Of Just War Theory

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    Critique of Just War Theory Just war theory has been a prominent principle in political philosophy since ancient times. There are two traditional categories of requirements for just wars. First, Jus Ad Bellum: the conditions required for justly going to war; the right to go to war. Second, Jus In Bello: the conditions required for the just conduct of war. The first category encompasses Just Authority, Just Cause, Just Intention and Last Resort. The second category encompasses Proportionality, Discrimination

  • The Just War Theory Of War

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    attitudes concerning the morality of war can change and lead the nation into unnecessary conflicts. The United States’ views towards war from two different time periods display a shift when compared to a moral standard. Comparing these attitudes to the Just War Doctrine displays this change towards morality. The Just War Theory serves as a guideline for determining a war as moral. The Doctrine consists of three major principles that contain the criteria of just war. Jus ad bellum outlines the situations

  • Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism

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    Outline the key concepts of Just War and Pacifism. A01 [21] The Just war theory maintains that war may be justified if fought only in certain circumstances, and only if certain restrictions are applied to the way in which war is fought. The theory that was first propounded by St Augustine of Hippo and St Ambrose of Milan ( 4th and 5th centuries AD) attempts to clarify two fundamental questions: ‘when is it right to fight?’ and ‘How should war be fought?’. Whereas Pacifists are people mainly Christians