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  • Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain

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    If the words “alternative” and “rock” are uttered together, chances are, Nirvana immediately comes to mind. Nirvana, lead by Kurt Cobain, intend to push messages that oppose the mainstream through their music and image. Even though, at the height of their popularity they could certainly be considered rock stars, in an interview with MTV in 1993 Kurt famously says “we’re not rock stars”, he truly doesn 't wish to be categorized as one. Nirvana made a conscious effort to be seen in a completely different

  • Cobain And Nirvana

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    Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Nirvana was a band started by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in the early 90’s. They’d released several albums before April 5, 1994, when Kurt Cobain supposedly took his own life. Nirvana was very popular during its time, but of course, Kurt had a life before he met Krist and before Nirvana was born. There was also a lot the band had done together before the date of April 5, when Nirvana had to end. Kurt Cobain did a lot before he started Nirvana. “As a child, Kurt Cobain

  • Kurt Donald Cobain Essay examples

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    The two jumped in and out of bands and eventually went on to form Nirvana. Even before Kurt found Krist, he tried out for the band The Melvins, but was unsuccessful. Interestingly enough, The Melvins were a big inspiration to all members of the later formed Nirvana. (Kurt Cobain Page) Nirvana was first created in 1986, but didn’t reach its final

  • Kurt Cobain's Accomplishments

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    Kurt Cobain was a talented yet troubled musician. He was known for his band, Nirvana, as well as being one of the most famous musicians to commit suicide. Nirvana's most well known album, Nevermind, and song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit,"became the definition of grunge when they were released. Yet, while his musical career ended up highly successful, he ultimately took his own life. This was most likely due to personal struggles and drug abuse. Although Kurt Cobain died young, his music inspired and

  • Essay On Dave Grohl

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    Even though he didn't talk to Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, and even though he had the chance to, he still got to audition for Nirvana's new drummer, through the lead singer of the band that was friends with Nirvana. Also when he auditioned for them, both Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain knew that he would be perfect for their band as a drummer. According to the book "Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana" by Michael Azerrad, Krist Novoselic said "He was a hard hitter... So bright, so hot, so

  • Analysis Of Michael Jackson 's The Rock Band Nirvana 's Sophomore Album

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    grunge rock band Nirvana’s sophomore album, Nevermind, bringing alternative rock to mainstream and commercial success. Nirvana had started out in Seattle’s underground music scene and consisted of lead singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl. Their sound was a subgenre of alternative rock known as grunge, a combination of punk rock and heavy metal characterized by heavy feedback and nihilistic lyrics. Their first album, Bleach, was released under independent

  • Kurt Cobain Research Paper

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    Grunge King, Kurt Cobain, is a Revolutionary? Nirvana is defined as a transcendent state in which there’s neither suffering, desire, or sense of self ( February 20, 1967 was the day grunge music’s king, Kurt Cobain, was born. Aberdeen, Washington was the home of Cobain and sparked the band, Nirvana. Cobain started showing his love for the arts at around the age of five. At nine, his parents divorced and his life began going downhill from there. After the divorce, Kurt went to live

  • The Music Of Grunge Music

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    style of rock with gritty distortion and new styles of hair and clothing. One band some may know that was a popular grunge band in the 90’s was Nirvana, which consisted of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain, drummer Dave Grohl, and bassist Krist Novoselic. This band was most popular for their hit album “Nevermind”. “One of their most popular songs on this album, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, has been and always will be a rebellion anthem for adolescents, empowering them. This message and it’s meaning

  • Bands And Individual Musicians Influenced By The Beatles

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    There are many bands and individual musicians influenced by the Beatles. Beatlemanina in the 1960’s sparked a light in many artists around the world and also continues to mesmerize people young and old today. Their music is timeless and unique. From the 60’s to present, many artists obtain an influence from the Beatles, even some artists that you wouldn 't imagine obtaining guidance from the Beatles. The grunge band Nirvana hit the 90’s by storm and created a sound all of their own, however they

  • The National Grange Of The Patron Husbandry ( Or Simply The Grange )

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    The People’s Party , more widely known as the Populist Party or simply Populists was a short-lived political party of the late nineteenth century. The People’s Party was one of the many movements of Farmers’ Crusade of the ‘people’ of the time, and perhaps even one of the most important, as it inspired later movements and bills. However, the People’s Party would have never came to be without the support of movements and alliances prior to the party. (History book). (What I printed 1) The National