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  • Analysis Of The Book ' The ' R. Tolkien '

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    J.R.R. Tolkien was an amazing author who had the ability to forge stories that have captivated audiences worldwide since the publishing of his first ever book. Part of this literary success comes from his astounding character development; his way of writing causes the reader to truly feel what his characters are experiencing and many a reader has cried at the death of a Tolkien character. However, if most people attempt to think of one of his characters the first ones that come to mind are males

  • The Hero Cycle Of Beren And Luthien

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    The Hero Cycle: Beren The Hero Cycle ties together all heros. It is a literary concept that illustrates the same pattern that almost all heros, from Beowulf to Harry Potter, follow. This cycle also connects genres, no matter how different, together in its most basic form. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, etc. However, the genre most associated to the Hero Cycle is fantasy, partly due to the Hero Cycles’ origins coming from fairy tale and old myths/epics of ancient days. Even modern fantasy has its stake