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  • Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbons Essay

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    Lewis Grassic Gibbons Sunset Song contains two characters, Chris and Ewan, whose relationship deteriorates throughout the novel. The writer shows this deterioration through the various techniques that he employs. Choose a novel in which the relationship between two characters deteriorates. Explain the reasons for this and while assessing the part each character plays in the deterioration. Make it clear where your sympathies lie. Lewis Grassic Gibbons "Sunset Song" contains two characters

  • Family in Jane Eyre and Hamlet

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    In both William Shakespeare’s play, ‘Hamlet’ and in Charlotte Brontë’s novel, ‘Jane Eyre’ the self is an extremely powerful notion. One of the main constraints and one of the main motivators in both texts is the importance and influence of the family. Both texts explore the powerful impact of the family, or perceived family, to define or shape the self and the extent of influence that the family can have to alter, prevent or encourage development of the self. This influence is used effectively by