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  • Summary Of ' Eveline ' By James Joyce

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    Motivation and Paralysis in “Eveline” Through symbolism, history, and allusion, James Joyce depicts a struggle between paralysis and motivation in the short story, “Eveline.” The story shifts between the happenings of present day and past recollections. Early on, the protagonist, Eveline makes the decision to leave home in order to make a better life for herself. She wants to flee from her abusive, alcoholic father. Eveline determines that it is time to make her own choices. When it comes

  • Eveline Quotes

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    abusive like her father. 4. I think dust is used as a symbol to show how Eveline’s life never changes or moves. The dust has settled on her life. 5. Dusty, smells like cretonne, old photograph of priest on the wall, book of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque. 6. Eveline is nineteen. Her age is significant because it shows that she is old enough to have moved out, and started her own life,