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    In 1271, Kubilai, a Mongol leader, put a new legal system for the Mongols into place, reducing the capital crimes by half. This was only one of the many things that the Mongols did to keep their civilization organized, and to protect their people. The Mongols were a group of nomadic peoples during the thirteenth century who competed with other people for land and animals. They had armies that went all across the world, conquering different people and land on horseback with giant, powerful weapons

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    Waiting For The Barbarians” by J.M Coetzee is a novel that truly helps the world understand how colonization might just be the worst thing human has done to destroy other civilizations culture and respect. “The Empire “ is a nation that is set up to have a centralized government. The capital is where all the power is contain and then there are other subunits of smaller governments such as the magistrate who rules the frontier of the whole country. The magistrate lives and guard a town on the frontier

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