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  • Black Tailed Prairie Dogs

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    This profile is on the black-tailed prairie dog. It will be introducing their background, life cycle, structure and function, evolution and an additional interest. It will also be going over their unique social structure and the way they form communities called prairie towns, which are a large system of burrows. The importance of burrows, in particular, to the black-tailed prairie dog cannot be overstated. Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs The black-tailed prairie dog’s scientific name is Cynomys ludovicianus

  • Coyote, Skunk, and the Prairie Dogs

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    Coyote, Skunk, and the Prairie Dogs While I find it rather creative to imagine a skunk and a coyote to conspire together to murder prairie dogs and rabbits, and although I feel I am doing a disservice to hundreds of years of Navaho storytellers, I am going to attempt to creatively edit parts of the story “Coyote, Skunk, and Prairie Dogs” as a written works, and retool it so that it makes more sense as a modern children’s fairy tale. Not that children would be interested in a story about killing

  • The Black Tailed Prairie Dog

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    The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog By Audra Robertson Biology Mr.Kopanke The White-Tailed Prairie Dogs By Audra Robertson Family: Prairie Dog Also known as: Cynomys leucurus Conservation Status: Was considered to be Endangered from the Years of 2002 to 2010, in which during this timespan fluctuated back and forth. Habitat: These prairie dogs can be found in the plains and Grasslands of the four states of Utah, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, meaning that these little guys

  • Burrowing owls often live in occupied prairie dog colonies. Researchers have proposed several

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    Burrowing owls often live in occupied prairie dog colonies. Researchers have proposed several theories regarding why this occurs. One reason may be that owls avoid predation because they share many of the same predators with black-tailed prairie dogs and the presence of the prairie dogs helps to reduce predation. Another theory is that the burrowing owls live in active prairie dog colonies in order to listen to the prairie dogs for cues on when a predator is near. This behavior has been documented

  • The And Its Effects On The Environment

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    forage quality, it attracts ungulates like bison to prairie dog colonies which further increases forage quality and decreases vegetation height (Davidson, Detling, and Brown 2012). As a result, the ungulates and prairie dogs can have mutualistic relationship (Davidson et al. 2010). In figure 1, the total nitrogen yield aboveground was greater in the presence of prairie colonies compared to uncolonized areas. This tells us that because both prairie dogs and the larger herbivores are able to remove sizable

  • American Badger Research Paper

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    Badger The American badger is found in regions of North America from southern Canada and down through Mexico. They usually stick to open grassland ranges. Badgers Diet Badgers are carnivorous animals eating mostly pocket gophers, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, pika, woodrats and kangaroo rats. They usually do this by digging the prey out of the ground in their dens or chasing them down. Abiotic Effect American badgers have an effect on the abiotic environment with their digging

  • Persuasive Essay On Black Footed Ferrets

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    back of their bodies. The black-footed ferrets rely on prairie dogs and their colonies to provide shelter and food. These animals live mostly in a grassland habitat. A grassland habitat is basically an open prairie with minimal rainfall. Black footed ferrets are part of the weasel family. There used to be tens of thousands of black-footed ferrets but by the 1960s they became almost extinct. Most frequent meals for a ferret are prairie dogs. They will also dine on rodents, different types of squirrels

  • Dogs, Ferrets, and Toads in the Wyoming Plains Essay

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    Dogs, Ferrets, and Toads in the Wyoming Plains This report is about three species that inhabit the Wyoming plains. One of these species is the black tailed prairie dog which inhabits nearly all of the U.S. and was at one time considered to be endangered. The second is the black footed ferret which was thought to be extinct until a small colony of these little predators was discovered on a ranch near Meeteetse Wyoming. The third and final animal mentioned in this report is the Wyoming toad

  • The Coastal Plains Of Texas

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    The Coastal Plains of Texas is a large area that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to beyond the Rio Grande. This region can be divided into 5 distinct areas. • PINE BELT: It extends 75 to 125 miles into Texas from the east and from north to south from the Red River to about 25 miles of the Gulf Coast. The Pine Belt is practically the source of all Texas’ timber production. Lumber is the principle industry. The climate is good for a variety of fruits and vegetables. A great oil field discovered in

  • Faith Grasslands Research Paper

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    Faith Barajas Grasslands The biome that I chose was the grasslands because it seemed very interesting and very exciting.This biome has lots of interesting stuff like the animals and plants,but mostly how the food chain is there.The grasslands are very unique,but there are some very dangerous animals,but there plants are very pretty looking.I also chose this biome because I want to learn what lives there and what type of plants grow there.The things that I will be talking about are where the grasslands