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    The big idea of my poem is how one simple place can have such an important meaning in one's life. In this poem, I used the poetic device of Anaphora with the words “The tree.” I believe this enhances my poem because it really emphasizes how meaningful the tree in throughout the entire story and how no matter where the two boys are in their life, they both seem to find their way back to the tree. Also, I used the poetic device of an oxymoron when I wrote “alone together.” Using these words show that

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    Nothing can beat friendship… Speaking of friendship, Havenistine and Hassan have been best friends since 5th grade. Anything they have done was in a pair. On this sunny morning during the summer, havenistine called hassan saying “I'm coming to pick you up right now and we are going to Lake Michigan”. Hassan told him that he's ready. Havenstein picked him up at 10 and they left. Heaventine told hassan he has a girlfriend that's going meet us there but she's going to be with her parents. Hassan was

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