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  • On The Rainy River Character Analysis

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    Life can bring unexpected events that individuals might not be prepared to confront. This was the case in the short story “On The Rainy River” written by Tim O’Brien. Young Tim is drafted to the military to fight the American War in Vietnam. He faces the conflict of whether he should or should not go to war after being drafted. The thought of giving up the future he has worked so hard for and instead fight a war “for uncertain reasons” terrifies him. He must make the agonizing decision of whether

  • The Things They Carried: On The Rainy River Essay

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         Tim O’Brien, the author of The Things They Carried, is still undecided of whether to doge the draft and lose the respect of his family and friends, or go to the Vietnam War and lose his life, in the chapter “On The Rainy River”. Elroy’s actions reveal his good qualities that help Tim make this important decision, without any words of judgment or criticism. Elroy’s actions reveal heroic qualities. He is a silent Observer who helps Tim overcome his fears.     

  • On The Rainy River

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    In the memoir The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, the chapter titled: On the Rainy River has a central idea of resentment, embarrassment and eventual acceptance to change. The author creates this central idea with the use of a regretful tone, man vs society conflict, and dreary imagery. The theme of this chapter contributes to O’Brien’s intentions for the book because it demonstrates the struggle, shame, and or confusion each man drafted into the war experienced. The beginning of this chapter

  • The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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    considered himself a coward because he chose war, but above all, he feared that his family would dishonor him. He was embarrassed not to go to war and ended up putting others’ morals before his own. In addition to the theme of morality found in “Rainy River”, it is also noticeable in the chapter “Church”. During the war, O’Brien’s unit had just come across a pagoda, a buddhist temple, and a pair of monks who lived there. The monks invited them to set up camp and helped the soldiers with water, cleaning

  • On The Rainy River Analysis

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    “On the Rainy River”: A Hero’s Quest Archetypes are defined as “a typical character, an action or a situation that seems to represent such universal patterns of human nature.” (“Archetype”) The short story “On the Rainy River” by Tim O’Brien is about the internal struggle and the journey he faces after he is drafted to serve the army. The classical hero’s journey archetype is similar to Tim O’Brien’s journey in his short story, “On the Rainy River,” with the exception of the arc length and depth

  • On The Rainy River Analysis

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    The short story “On The Rainy River” is written through the perspective of O’Brien in present day and as a young faced with a draft notice for Vietnam War. In “On The Rainy River,” O’brien portrays the importance of bravery in an individual through the use of symbolism, powerful tone, and reflective point of view. It all began in 1968, when Tim O'brien receive a draft notice. Tim was bound for Harvard and thinks he’s too good for war. He doesn’t really want to go to Vietnam, so he decide to run

  • The Things They Carried Questions And Answers

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    “The Things They Carried” 1. (Ideas) The men carried whatever seemed appropriate as a means of killing or staying alive. Identify any items they carry that cannot be assigned to either of those two categories, and create new categories (with new headings) to accommodate them. Answer1: Personal priorities: - Chewing gum - Pocket knives - Girlfriend’s pantyhose Moral code: - extra rations - Marijuana - Tranquilizers - New Testament of the Bible 2. What does this suggest about the things (among

  • On The Rainy River Analysis

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    In Tim O’Brien’s fictional narrative “On the Rainy River,” the narrator faces the dilemma of avoiding the draft or submitting and going to Vietnam, a common predicament that many men faced after receiving draft cards for the Vietnam War. O’Brien displays the thought process of the narrator as he makes a decision, and near the beginning, the narrator describes certain qualities that he believes make him “too good for [that] war”(2). He lists off achievements like “president of the student body”

  • Antigone Rainy River

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    Personal Law Vs. Written Law Morals are defined to be the principle of what is right from what is wrong. What defines whether something is right or wrong is based purely on ones judgment and perspective. Staying true to personal beliefs and morals can sometimes be problematic to retain when conflicting with the written law. In Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone disregards the decree of her uncle Creon, King of Thebes, which forbids anybody to bury Antigone’s brother Polynices who was killed in battle

  • On The Rainy River Essay

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    Relationships created with others have often a direct effect on your very own personal identity. In Tim Brian’s “On the Rainy River,” he tells about his experiences and how his relationship with an elderly man affected his life so dramatically. It is hard for anyone to rely on their own personal experiences fully when there are other people who have experienced different acts them their self. It takes knowledge and experience of others to help you learn and build from them to create your own personal