Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

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  • Advantages And Limits Of The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

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    “The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider” The big science project “The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider” is a particle accelerator that recreates the “big bang quark soup”. In this essay I will consider advantages and limitations of “The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider” with regards to economical and social factors. I will argue that this project is a waste of money due to the riskiness of it, the overall set budget, and the concept behind it. However, it also has its benefits such as, providing more

  • Quantum Chromodynamics : The Theory Of The Strong Reaction Force

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    the past two decades, ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have been searching and exploring this new state of matter under extreme conditions. Compelling discoveries, for instance the strong suppression of hadrons at large transverse momenta (jet quenching), reveal the creation of the QGP medium at RHIC and the LHC~\cite{Teaney:2000cw}.

  • Reflection

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    upgraded L1 trigger system in 2015. The success of his efforts has been recognized by the management with a 2015 CMS Achievement Award. The new L1 trigger system brought in several key features to the heavy ion program including the single-track trigger. Chen is the HLT coordinator of the heavy ion group, leading the trigger development and serving as the on-call expert during the data taking. Despite of major progress made in discovering the nearly ``perfect'' quark-gluon liquid, a number of profound