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    The moment the family got to their new home Anna just wanted to get off the car.It had been a long trip and she just wanted to have some time alone. Joseph,her brother had been crying the whole trip because he was sad that he would not see his friends again. They had been going through hard times.Many of her friends back in her old school had told her how the nazi government had shorted their food due to the war that was going on. They had moved to the new house because her dad had gotten a new job

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    By Easton Chancey One of my life changing moments were when I got lost, let me tell you how it happened. I wake up in my bunk bed when I set up I looked at the clock. The clock was so bright I couldn't see it when I squinted my eyes I could see that it said 5:35. Me, my brother, and my dad were going to are lees in commerce. We have had a lease in commerce for about five months now. It took us about two hours to get there from my house. We wanted to be there before sunrise so the deer couldn't see

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    I can remember everything about the first deer I shot. The smells the weather, watching the red sun come up in the morning over the trees lighting up the forest. The whole weekend was memorable but the first morning of deer opener was when I got my ten-point buck, barely. As we pull up to our family cabin, I can see through the windows on the front of the house my grandfather and my two uncles sitting at the kitchen table. My dad asked me what I thought they were doing and I bet on them all playing

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    It is believed that Tecumseh was born in 1768 in central Ohio. He was the second son of a Shawnee warrior who was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant. In his dying breaths, his father commanded his eldest son Cheesuaka, to train Tecumseh as a warrior and to never make peace with the whites. Cheesuaka was good to his word and became an excellent warrior and a teacher. He grew close with his younger brother, and after their mother moved to Missouri he acted as a foster parent as well. Tecumseh was

  • Native American War

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    particularly the Shawnee, had lived and thrived as a civilization for a thousand years prior to the arrival of the European settlers to the Ohio region. These Europeans had a vision of Ohio that was controlled completely by the Europeans. A land of vast trading networks that would prove extremely profitable for their mother countries. While many Native American groups gave in to this vision, the Shawnees in Ohio did

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    Tecumseh ,Shawnee war chief, was born at Old Piqua, on the Mad River in western Ohio. In 1774, his father, Puckeshinwa, was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant, and in 1779 his mother, Methoataske, accompanied those Shawnees who migrated to Missouri, later died. Raised by an older sister, Tecumpease, Tecumseh would play war games with other fellow youths in his tribe. Tecumseh accompanied an older brother, Chiksika, on a series of raids against frontier settlements in Kentucky and Tennessee in

  • The Cownership Of Native Americans In The Native American Tribes

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    discusses how the American settlers colonized the Native Americans and how Tribes are still having negative effects from this history, why did so many people from the Shawnees tribe in the Ohio Valley gather around to listen to the prophecies from a Shawnee Shaman in 1805? To answer this question, I will focus on how the Shawnees faced constant disownership of their land by European settlers, the aftermath of American settlers’ migration to the “western country”, and how Tenskwatawa visions motivated

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    well liked and respected by the tribe. They especially liked him because he was skilled at repairing guns. Furthermore, he liked and respected the Shawnees. Boone eventually decided he was tired of being a Shawnee and escaped from the village where he was residing. Shortly after, the Shawnee tribe became very intolerant of the settlers. Their patience with land-hungry white men was wearing thin. These negative emotions played a large role in the forthcoming

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    Tecumseh was a very significant Native American who gave his life for what he believed. He knew that the Americans were a tremendous threat to all Indian tribes, and realized that the Indians would be destroyed one by one if not united. Tecumseh created a confederation of thirty-two tribes in hopes that the Americans would recognize their borders and thus put a halt to westward expansion. His confederation may have succeeded if it were not for the mistakes made by his brother, Laulewasika, the Americans

  • Tecumseh : A Shawnee Chief

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    Tecumseh was a Shawnee Chief who attempted to liberate his confederacy of American Indians to create an independent land from the United States of America, To understand why Tecumseh did what he did and why he is revered as one of the greatest military leaders in history, we look back into the past into his heritage of the Shawnee, his relationship with his brother, Laulewasikaw (later to be named Teakatowah), and his archrival Governor William Henry Harrison. The most important and intriguing aspect