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  • Short Story

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    It’s morning, and she’s supposed to be getting ready for school, but she’s almost certain school no longer exists. These curtains are the end of this world, and yet it continues beyond that, wrapping back around and twisting into one another. The halls are snakes eating their own tails. The floor pulls her without reaching out and moves against her feet the opposite direction. There is no ceiling to follow as there is no roof as there are no walls. From her chest, time beats away and slips from

  • A Short Story Of Sportacus : The Story

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    came off and tumbled to the ground. The rest of the kids scattered around the bottom of the tree to avoid the falling hazard. “somebody help," stingy cried. “Watch it, you just about hit me with that thing!" Trixie shouted “Hang on, stingy," Stephanie called up to the boy “Look!” Ziggy pointed upwards, not at stingy but beyond him. Hurtling through the sky came Sportacus, a blue bullet scattering the white clouds in his wake. Stingy couldn't hang on any longer. His fingers slipped free of the

  • Argumentative Essay On RAW

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    I haven't watched a full episode of RAW in over three months. I catch up by way of clips on Twitter, and I skim through Hulu's already abridged version. I spend most of my time perusing the promos, the skits, and whatever vignettes there may be. I cram the broad strokes of the larger narratives so I can pass whatever WWE-quiz comes my way. With SmackDown included, I've condensed my WWE-viewership into about thirty minutes a week. And if there's a pay-per-view, then that duration increases. The

  • Analysis Of The Movie 'High Strung'

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    Character Keenan Kampa ---- Ruby Nicholas Galitzine ------ Johnny Sonoya Mizuno -------- Jazzy Jane Seymour ------- Oksana Richard Southgate ------ Kyle Paul Freeman ------ Kramrovsky Marcus Emmanuel Mitchell ---- Hayward Maria Morgenstern ---- Markova Anabel Kutay ----- April The Figures for the movie includes; Domestic Box Office $53,447 International Box Office $1,001,923 Total: $1,055,370. Story My first impression about the movie

  • Monday Night Raw Film Analysis

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    And this analysis doesn't even address the concept of what the backstage world is. How does it fit into the rest of the show? How & why are audiences capable of seeing it? What role does the fourth-wall play in these segments, if any? Are the Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley characters aware of the fact that they are on camera? If not, why? As the camera pushes in closer on Mick's face, it makes the premise of the scene unclear.

  • Top 15 Accusations Made Against Vince Mcmahon Essay

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    Top 15 Accusations Made Against Vince McMahon It is fair to say that Vince McMahon is probably the most successful figure in WWE business. Although he has contributed more than you could possibly expect to the WWE, but hysterically he has some of the most shocking and quite embarrassing deeds done in his past or recently. WWE is on its zenith that is due to the heavy contribution of Vince McMahon. Well, He has more positive feedback than the few of the alleged negative feedback. Vince McMahon started

  • A & P John Updike Analysis

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    In John Updike’s best known story “A&P”, a tale of a young 19 year-old boy name Sammy, who works in a local supermarket ; A&P, as a cashier. Sammy is attempting to tell the story of why he impulsively quit his job one day. He narratively gives a very vivid description of everything that happens. Sammy acts decisively when standing up for what he thinks is right. Standing up for what you believe in is an essential life skill. Sammy recalls on that day three barefoot teenage girls, in bathing suits

  • The Golden Age Of Wrestling

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    The golden age of wrestling in the 1970 's with Bruno Sammartino as champion. Steroids were used little to none . The wrestlers had the appearance of normal everyday person not some man with a unattainable body.WWE in the 80 's Main event wrestlers who went on to become champion and receive success a were very heavy steroid abusers. Many of those wrestlers today are unrecognizable physically when compare to what they looked liked decades ago .Wrestlemania 7 took place on March 24 1991 since than

  • Reflective Essay About Reading

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    I love to read, but it didn't start out that way. When I was in first grade and we are just starting to learn how to read books, I remember being mad because I wasn't in the advanced reading group. The advanced reading group got a different book than everyone in the normal reading level and got to work in a different section of the room. This made me so mad that I decided I didn't want to try which, when I look back on it now was not the smartest thing I could've done. I knew how to read but it never

  • Lyric Story: Don T Stop Believing

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    Don't Stop Believing Lyric story: Don't Stop Believing. The Story behind the Song Emily paced as the EMT’s put her mother on the stretcher, Faith Thomas Had died of a heart attack; at the age of 49. Emily Thomas was 18 at the time; and still in high school, lived on the edge of town on a large farm. NO living relatives, except for a mentally indisposed father. Who currently resided in a mental hospital. “Mis. Thomas? Would you like officer Storm to vacation with you tonight?” The officer who was