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  • The Theme Of Rewarding In Frost's Mowing By Robert Frost

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    Written at a rather early point in his career, Frost’s Mowing is a short poem of 14 lines about the ponderings of a rather imaginative field worker has about the sound their scythe makes as it mows down hay in a filed near a rather quiet forest; the worker eventually concludes that the sound does not have any dreamlike nor fantastical significance and that the work is rewarding enough in itself as they carry on with their work. The poem seems to be centered around a single theme: that hard work

  • Our Farm Essay

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    Dad had planted more lentils this year. I had rolled my eyes when he told me: 300 acres. He had laughed, "That should be nothin' for the prettiest swather driver around, Munchkin." I was only prettiest because I was the only girl. The swather cuts crops to dry before they are harvested and lays them in long rows that snake around hills in endless spirals. In eastern Washington state we swath lentils in late July and early August. My father

  • Ranching Industry Analysis

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    available in November for 3 months to a year. Do you have experience on horseback? If so, how many years and what type of riding. No, but started taking lessons. List any experience you have on farm equipment and how many years on each. ( tractors, swather, hay rake, hay baler, ripper, disc, roller harrow

  • Advantages Of The Graingoat

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    Competitive Insight The GrainGoat has one major competitor. The Minibatt is a mini harvester, much like the GrainGoat. The product harvests small grains such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, milo, canola, and medical plants or species. This product acts as a mini combine. The product is very easy to use and portable. It will provide an accurate yield estimate in less than five minutes. The creators of the Minibatt are currently focusing their customer base on research and university extensions offices

  • Career Field Analysis: Diesel Mechanic Essay

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    operation. I have always been fascinated with the operations of diesel engine and much of a valuable asset they are to our world today. I helped out on the ranch whenever I could driving equipment. In the summer time it was my job to operate the swather. I really enjoyed operating it as much as I enjoyed fixing it when it broke down. When it came time to go to college the decision for a major was pretty clear. This is my second year in college in the diesel program and I really enjoy it. I have