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  • Teens And Mtv's Unrealistic Beliefs On Teen Pregnancy

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    intended to study the relationship between MTV’s series “Teen Mom” reality show and teenagers’ unrealistic beliefs about what is like to be a teen mom. The seven motivations for asking “why” are used to convince the audience that it is worthy of research by exploring the relationship with the intentions to discredit the previous findings that state, “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” is one of the best public service campaign to prevent teen pregnancy. This topic presents a number of complications

  • teen mom

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    find up to three million viewers tuning in to watch the show Teen Mom, which is a spinoff of the reality show 16 and Pregnant that started in 2009. The girls on the show have volunteered themselves to put their lives on television and have people across the nation watch them struggle to survive as a teenager with a child right by their side. Today's pop culture celebrates teen pregnancy by having shows on television like MTV's Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, not to mention, the stars on the show being

  • Teen Mom

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    Teen Mom: Encouraging or Discouraging Teenage Pregnancy? I’m here to argue why the show “Teen Mom,” is negatively influencing today's younger generation. Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in females under the age of 20. It has become so common in our society today. Younger generations are beginning to label it as “normal” or “acceptable”. This is not an issue that society should take lightly, just because it continues to happen so often. Although many look down on teenage pregnancy, some believe it

  • Teen Moms

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    Many adults or even friends and family think teen moms are most likely to drop out their high school year or never pursue their careers. I'm a proud teen mother, experiencing this beautiful thing that has happened to me has changed me in a good way. While being a mother, I have accomplished many things that I though I would never even accomplish. Being pregnant while going to school, was not easy at all. I didn't want my teachers nor my friends to know, afraid that they'll look down on me or force

  • Being A Teen Mom

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    Carmen torres dealing with being a teen mom “Being a good mother has nothing to do with age, but more the size of your heart. If you can love enough to know that you will do anything to protect and care for your children, little else matters.” This quote is significant because even though she had her kids at a very young age she still loved them with all of her heart no matter what got in the way.In downtown allentown, in the 1980’s,she lived in a small rough neighborhood growing up, people made

  • Teen Mom Is Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy

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    intents and purposes nonexistent on numerous fronts. Although teen pregnancy is at a two-decade low, teen pregnancy is not an issue that should be ignored. In an effort to reach teenage girls with messages about pregnancy and its consequences, MTV produced the documentary reality series 16 and Pregnant and later Teen Mom in an effort to communicate to teenage girls about pregnancy and its costs. But, despite MTV's hard work, Teen Mom has inspired controversy. While the show has won acclaim within

  • Teen Moms Case Study

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    support their families. She often found herself watching her nieces and nephews while missing out on peer interaction throughout her early adolescence. Gaby watched how hard it was for her family and vowed to not make the same mistakes by becoming a teen mom. As Gaby entered high school, she found herself somewhat inexperienced when it came to making friends. Having to watch after her nieces and nephews, she only made a few friends when she could go outside and play. She made friends with a few students

  • Economic Consequences Of Teen Moms

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    recognizes their moms struggle and for the most part are comprising. Through our lives we developing numerous life skills that are used to help with our problem solving skills and other challenges. Since, teen moms are adolescence themselves they like adult experiences and knowledge such as budgeting, and educational qualifications. Children who come from poor household tend to fall in a cycle of violence or emotional stress. Teen moms either have a high school diploma or equivalent which can

  • Essay on The Phenonmeon of The Teen Mom

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    Teen Mom II is the second incarnation of MTV's number one rated reality mini-series 16 and Pregnant. The show documents the lives of four teenage mothers as they struggle to cope with the every day challenges, financial and emotional, a woman faces while raising her first infant child. All while trying to navigate through the journey of adolescence. Once catering primarily to the music oriented teenage consumer of the 1980s and 1990s, MTV has since reinvented itself as a reality television repository

  • Teen Mom Research Paper

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    teenagers then use abortion as a form of birth control. MTV’s Teen Mom first appeared on the network in 2009. It almost immediately ignited a series of controversies between viewers all over the United States. This show allowed viewers to face the reality of the fact that many teenagers are unprepared due to the fact that they are not well informed by their schools on the topic of sex. When the first season of Teen Mom aired, the teen birth rate declined by nine percent, which was the biggest drop