The Doctor's Wife

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  • Sexism In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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    Her husband had made little remarks about her behavior towards her family and her role as the wife. Edna's father also stated that Leonce let her be free too much, and must coerce her in needed.(Chopin). Many instances occurred where women who sought power were looked upon with questioning eyes. According to the doctor's wife, there had been a group of women doing as such, the doctor explained that she simply needed time. (Chopin) Edna had changed greatly

  • The Doctor’s Wife and So Long a Letter

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    Men have been shown to be the prime cause of competition between the women characters in the novels “The Doctor’s Wife” by Sawako Ariyoshi and “So Long a Letter” by Mariama Bâ. This is strongly evident in “The Doctor’s Wife” from the time Umpei returns home, after completing his education. A major change is also noticed in Otsugi’s behavior towards Kae. The intense tension caused by the competition between the women characters is also shown in “So Long a Letter” when the two men, Modou Fall and Mawdo

  • Compare And Contrast Indian Camp And The Doctor And Doctor's Wife

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    Indian Camp and The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife – Comparative Analysis Indian Camp and The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife constitute the beginning of Ernest Hemingway’s short story collection In Our Time and consequently mark the beginning of Nick Adams as a recurring character. The stories, despite both revolving around Nick Adams and his family, tell two vastly different tales – one of a birth and a suicide, and the other of a man’s weakness, the two being ultimately tied together by Hemingway’s

  • The Characters Play A Significant Role In Doctor's Wife

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    The characters play a significant role in the novel because they each have a different role they are to play. For example, Dora seems like a strict mother because in her restaurant, bear flag, no one is allowed to drink hard liquor or use profanity. She is seen as generous because of the way she spends her money. She is willing to paid peoples grocery bills when needed and feed others as needed. On the other hand, Doc seems like a gentle human being because he is interesting helping the victims and

  • The Yellow Wallpaper from the Point of View of a Doctor's Wife

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    The Yellow Wallpaper from the Point of View of a Doctor's Wife "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a story told from the first person point of view of a doctor's wife who has nervous condition. The first person standpoint gives the reader access only to the woman’s thoughts, and thus, is limited. The limited viewpoint of this story helps the reader to experience a feeling of isolation, just as the wife feels throughout the story. The point of view is also limited in that the

  • Relationship Development In Blindness

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    pieces he wrote in his study and one night the doctor's wife decided that it would be a good idea to not think about the actuality of the epidemic. “And that night, as was only right, she read to all of them a few pages from a book she had gone to fetch from the study” (Saramago 294). By reading to the others, it shows that she cared for how they were feeling. Just for a few minutes she took away the agony of blindness. While listening to the doctor's wife read, they [the rest of the group] would forget

  • , Attigment, And Deception In The Paperhanger By William Gay

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    Deception William Gay’s short story, “The Paperhanger” does an outstanding job illustrating how social class, judgement, and deception effect the modern world. Today’s society relies on social class and appearances to gain opinions, which directly affects how people interact and treat with one another. Subsequently, this puts people at risk for deception because things are not always as they seem. While someone with a high social stature may appear honest and hardworking on the outside, their inner

  • Reflection Of Blindness

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    unfortunate citizens who fall ill to the white blindness find themselve quarantined in an abandoned mental hospital where havoc inevitably ensues. A significant character that demonstrates the notion that you are defined by your actions is the doctor’s wife as she was originally a very timid and kind character who then endured an atrocious situation and became very malicious. Whereas the girl with the dark glasses is an individual who was first presented as extremely selfish but later developed into

  • Hemingway Sexism

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    the spirit of his generation. Hemingway wrote “The Indian Camp” and “The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife”. Indian Camp is a story about a boy named Nick and his father who went to the Indian Camp to help deliver the baby. While there they witnessed the baby’s father commit suicide. This sparked Nick’s curiosity with death. Both stories detail Nick’s coming of age into adulthood. In the Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife Nick’s father wants Dick, Eddy, and Billy to go cut up the wood that is on the beach but

  • Jose Saramago Blindness

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    In Blindness, by José Saramago, victims of an epidemic of sudden blindness are quarantined together in an abandoned mental hospital. In this hospital, the blindness reveals the actions that people take when nobody is watching them because the internees are only aware of their own actions since they are unable to monitor and judge what others do. Also, as more blind internees join the hospital, the internees and the hospital become increasingly dirty. The filth of the hospital along with the poor