The Guns of Navarone

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  • Review Of ' The Guns Of Navarone, River Of Death, Break Heart Pass '

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    author Alistair Maclean once declared, “We are all brave men and we are all afraid, and what the world calls a brave man, he is too brave and afraid like the all rest of us. Only he is brave for five minutes longer.” Throughout his novels, The Guns of Navarone, River of Death, Break Heart Pass, Maclean puts his characters through a grueling set of challenges, which they must face with bravery and intellect. Bravery is a recurring concept in MacLean’s novels. Yet, Maclean places more emphasis on how

  • Chosen Chapter Summary

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    sabotage mission into the fortress on the island of Navarone, occupied by Germans, and destroy the two guns in it, the guns of Navarone. The guns need to be destroyed so that ships can evacuate the island of Kheros, which is close to Navarone. Because of the guns, the navy vessels are unable to approach Kheros without taking heavy casualties. Numerous attacks on Navarone have been unsuccessful and the sabotage mission is the last option to destroy the guns. The plan is for Mallory and his team of specialists

  • Genre and Gender in Popular Film Essay

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    “ You cannot talk about genre without talking about gender.” Initially, this would appear to be a simplistic statement. On closer analysis, however, one fact becomes evident. It is the representation of gender which informs the genre of the text. Ismay Barwell , in her essay ‘ Feminist perspectives and narrative points of view’ states that “ Every text is gendered since every act of narration…..involves a process of selection….and the nature of that selection implies certain values” ( p.99). She

  • Film Analysis Of Akira Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai'

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    through the rest of the century. The critic Michael Jeck suggests that this was the first film in which a team is assembled to carry out a mission-an idea which gave birth to its direct Hollywood remake, "The Magnificent Seven," as well as "The Guns of Navarone." "The Dirty Dozen," and countless later war, heist and caper movies. Since Kurosawa's samurai adventure "Yojimbo" (1960) was remade as "A Fistful of Dollars" and essentially created the spaghetti Western, and since this movie and Kurosawa's