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  • Sweet Home Chapter Of Communities For A Great Oregon

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    timber workers in the Pacific Northwest and the Southeast, collectively referred to here as "Sweet Home”. Defendant Fish and Wildlife Director, Department of Interior, Secretary Bruce Babbitt 's interpretation of the ESA and his characterization of the word “harm”. Facts of the Case and Business Reasons for the Dispute According to United State Department of Justice, the plaintiffs in Babbitt v. Sweet Home Chapter of Communities For a Better Oregon charged that, under the Secretary’s characterization

  • The National Park Service Organic Act Essay

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    Background The national parks of the United States are a part of the few remaining regions in the country where nature is relatively untouched and natural beauty can be observed. For over a century, national parks been popular vacation destinations for citizens and international tourists alike. Regulation and conservation of these areas is necessary to allow for continued visitation and enjoyment. The National Parks Service of the Department of the Interior was created with The National Park Service

  • The Importance Of National Park

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    preserved as their vitality is threatened. Parks are government protected areas by the National Park Service within the United States boundaries that house various types of ecosystems. Yellowstone National Park was the first National Park created by congress and Ulysses s. Grant by the Act of March 1, 1872, making it exclusively under the control of the Secretary of the Interior. With the creation of Yellowstone, more than 100 countries contain around 1,200 preserved areas similar to that of a park

  • Persuasive Essay On National Parks

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    Five months ago, President Trump asked something of the Interior Department. He wanted to review 27 national monuments and parks, and see if it would be smart to hand them over to state ownership. Just a few days ago, the verdict from the Secretary of the Interior Department came through. A “handful” of the 27 monuments were recommended to be downsized and given to states. This controversial issue is becoming more and more prudent for monuments and park areas. All over the nation, citizens and politicians

  • Essay on Three Executive Departments within Congress

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    Executive Departments within Congress In 1789 Congress created three Executive Departments: State or Foreign Affairs, Treasury and War. It also provided for an Attorney General and a Postmaster General. Congress apportioned domestic matters among these departments. The idea of setting up a separate department to handle domestic matters was put forward on numerous occasions. It wasn't until March 3, 1849, the last day of the 30th Congress, that a bill was passed to create the Department of the

  • The Importance Of Wildfires In The Western States

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    no surprise that wildfires are a huge issue in the western states. Especially on Indian Reservations. Two articles that focus on this issue are called Secretary Zinke Directs Interior Bureaus to Take aggressive Action to Prevent Wildfires, US Department of Interior & Western US Faces Wildfires Explosion by Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network. Both of these articles argue that wildfires shouldn’t become normalized and that something should be done to prevent and/or be better prepared for when wildfires

  • The Forest Service Organic Administration Act Of 1897

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    the United States, hence the commonly used term "Organic Act". The legislation's formal title is the Sundry Civil Appropriations Act of 1897, which was signed into law on June 4, 1897, by President William McKinley.This law was the first step toward legislation concerning the management, protection and care of the nation's forest reserves. Its features include:It specified the purpose for establishing reserves as well as the administration and protection.It granted the Secretary of the United States

  • Cnmi Essay

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    The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a territory of the United States of America located in the Pacific Ocean. The six inhabited islands have a total population 52,300 people (U.S. Department of Interior, n.d.) Land Mass The CNMI is made up of a total of fourteen islands. The fourteen islands amount to a total land mass of 176 square miles. The three main islands of the CNMI are Saipan, Tinian and Rota (Central Intelligence Agency). Land Ownership/Use Not just anyone can own

  • Duties Of The President's Cabinet Essay

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    from the Bush administration will also be included following the duties portion of the paper. All in all, the cabinet will be explored with their operational functions in the United States government. James Castellano July 14, 2015 Political Science 510 Prof. Grulke The Presidential Cabinet The United States of America has the privilege to select a leader and his

  • Hydroelectric Power : The Resource That Keeps On Giving

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    In the past, that job has been grinding grains, chopping lumbar, and pounding paper (Dursun & Gokcol, 2011). Today, the harnessed power from flowing water is used to provide humans with one of our most important resources: energy (U.S. Department of the Interior, 2015). This paper will explore many aspects of hydroelectric power. Topics that will be discussed include how hydroelectric power works, advantages and disadvantages, how it is currently being used, and plans for using hydroelectric power