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  • Catcher in the Rye Word Choice

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    Word Choice in The Catcher in the Rye By Tom Condon Word choice is a crucial element in a well-crafted story. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is about a 16-year-old in New York in the 1950's named Holden Caulfield. The book is about his exploration in the world as he suffers from severe mental trauma from his point of view. J.D. Salinger uses word choice for realism, theme, and depth of character to make the story relate to the reader and add dimension. The Catcher in Rye contains many

  • Word Choice In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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    In the novel “ Lord of the flies” author William Golding uses word choice to reveal the elements of a character's personality and how that personality develops over time . Through word choice , actions,looks and thoughts, the character of of Ralph is introduced , explained developed over the course of the of the text it reveals his attitude. First of all the story “Lord of the Flies” is a book about During a war, a plane carrying a group of boys on their way home from boarding school is shot down

  • Word Choice And Imagery In The Minefield By Daniel Thiel

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    portrays itself in an obscure yet abrupt manner in which a hungry, fourteen-year-old boy, only looking for a head of lettuce, is blown up by a minefield. The word choice and imagery in the poem consequently conveys the vision of the minefield explosion (by the father) being unleashed through the acts of fury and violence towards his children. Word choice conveys this vision through explicit yet traumatic experiences with the past explosion by referencing how, only fourteen, innocent, hungry, and under good

  • The Effects of Word Choice on Percerptions of Mental Illness

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    How does word choice affect a person’s perception of people who have a mental illness? If a person uses more politically correct language does that mean they are more understanding of people who have a mental illness or does it mean that people who use less politically correct language are more understanding of people with a mental illness. There have been plenty of studies carried out by researchers that have looked into word choice and its role on how it affects a person’s perception. For instance

  • Word Choice and Tone in Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book"

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    poem after she had received her recently published book. The problem was that she did not want her book published. In her eyes, it was unfinished and full of mistakes. In the poem, she treats the book as a child and uses a satirical tone. Her choice of words and tone are very important to the theme of the poem. Some readers, mainly logical, would think that the author is simply talking about a child. The truth is that she is talking about her recently finished book. Bradstreet shows a mixture of emotions

  • Communication : The Essential Factors That Affect The Choice Of Words Essay

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    is one of the essential factors to maintain a good quality of life because it allows humans to interact and to provide comfort. Communication includes verbal and nonverbal. During verbal communication, there are many factors that affect the choice of words. For example, age, race, socioeconomic status, education background, gender, place, and situation are the factors. Nonverbal communication includes body language, facial expressions, and active listening. The ability to classify information

  • Tone and Word Choice in A Glass of Beer by James Stephen Essay

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    Tone and Word Choice in A Glass of Beer by James Stephen Some readers may define the tone as anger in James Stephen's "A Glass of Beer." Others may even say that it leaves an unpleasant tone. By studying the choice of words that Stephen uses to convey the tone of his scene, I will demonstrate that beneath the seemingly outraged situation of the poem lies something funnier. The true tone of "A Glass of Beer" is a sardonic one. Examining each stanza of the poem offers numerous examples

  • Use of language and Word Choice in My Last Duchess Essay

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    regular and basic, reflects the simplicity of the speaker himself, in terms of his linguistic ability. The manner in which the Duke tries to cover up this limited ability emphasises his superficiality. However, it is the poet’s clever use of word choice which is most effective in revealing the Duke’s personality.

  • Cold Sassy Tree By Rucker Blakeslee

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    people have made choices that have not been considered “socially acceptable” by their peers. From one choice, these peers will shun, bully and ridicule. In Cold Sassy Tree, Rucker Blakeslee tested the society’s limits when he remarried to a young woman, Miss Love Simpson, shortly after the death of his first wife. The town found it repulsive that a man would not wait a couple years, much less a couple months before even thinking about remarrying. Miss Love and Rucker made their choice, although everyone

  • Freewill Is The Ability Of Act On His Own Accord

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    them freewill is like a comfort device. It gives them control over his or her own life. The word ‘freedom’ is also associated with freewill, giving one a sense of liberty and independency in the eyes of those who believe they truly have freewill. As well as being self-reliant and having self-responsibility. Responsibility is a key factor to freewill. Since a person can choose for his or her own self, that choice may not always be the best to choose. There are six forms of responsibility: virtue, role