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List the five phases of the nursing process.

Expert Answer

The nursing process is involved in five steps for nursing a patient with potential health issues. These steps include assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of a patient.

Assessment: Initial assessment of nursing is carried out before providing medication to a patient. During this assessment, medication and health history of the patient are taken from the parents or from the guardian of the patient.


Nursing diagnosis: It includes the knowledge that helps to know the nutrition imbalance, body requirements, impact of age, and drug therapy. It also helps to know the risk of injury with the effect of medications and drug administration.


Planning: It is nothing but the outcome identification. Patient has to enhance their nutritional status for the age and drug-related factors. Patient has to be planned or adhere strictly on the prescribed drug therapy to avoid adverse effects. Patients should contact the medical prescriber if the patient found adverse effects during the medications.


Implementation: It is an important nursing care and it should be followed as per the prescriber order or medication instructions. This nursing process implements and addresses the specific problems and needs of the patient.


Evaluation:  It is a process to measure the outcome of the nursing process. It includes the observation of therapeutic effects, such as drug toxicity and adverse effects of drug treatment. During the observations, the outcome of the drug treatment is not satisfied and the whole nursing process will be revised and evaluated again.

Thus, assessment, nursing diagnoses, planning, implementation, and evaluation are the five important steps to plan for nursing care for the lifespan considerations of a patient.