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Between the World and Me: Black Identity
The book Between the World and Me was written by Ta-Nehisi Coates in 2015. The book takes the format of a letter addressed to the writer’s teenage son, where he continually addresses the subject of African Americans in the society (4). Looking at the work from a more critical perspective, Coates work seems to have been inspired by the work of Baldwin of 1963 The Fire Next Time, where he spoke of white supremacy, and how possible it was to overcome. For Coates, white supremacy is a vice that his son, rather the reader, should accustom to, as it is an indestructible force. Walking through the periods of slavery, the author informs his son of
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Just as America’s history is permanent, the pain experienced by the slaves as they underwent segregation in the hands of their owners cannot be changed and it has played a role in drawing the line on how the white people and African-Americans relate to date.
Violence is one thing that happened many times between the slaves and their owners. The author records in his works a poem that only appeared in the Partisan Review of 1935 about a lynching that occurred (75). In the poem, the writer makes mention of the fact that there was a baptism conducted by the use of gasoline as the crowd had proposed. In the piece, there are times where the African-Americans have to disagree with those they lived with and the consequences were altogether severe. In his book, Coates mentions police brutality as a major cause of death among the blacks. This is not just his assertion but has been witnessed throughout the ages where blacks are more suspected criminals than any other race (77). These are some of the indications of racial segregation still taking place in America.
The Black community is viewed as people of a lesser value in comparison to other races. The struggle of the African-Americans for identity and acceptance by other races has always been a difficult process. The environment has always been harsh; being that racial segregation is still ongoing. Many are
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