1.“Affirmative Action Began As A Plan To Equalize The Educational,

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1. “Affirmative Action began as a plan to equalize the educational, employment, and contracting opportunities for minorities and women with opportunities given to their white, male counterparts.” There’s a difference between equal opportunity and affirmative action policies. “Equal employment opportunity (EEO) means freedom from discrimination on the basis of protected classes such as race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability or genetic information.” Affirmative action is considered to be an honest and social obligation to alter historical wrong doings and disregard the present effects of past discrimination.
Personally, I don’t believe in the term “reverse discrimination” because discrimination in any form is
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“A body of scientific research over the past 50 years shows that people notice race, as well as gender, wealth, and even weight.” Should racial identities matter? I don’t think so. We should see the person for who they are and not what color of skin they have. I like the say “don’t judge a book by its cover” because I believe that you should get to know a person before you make any sort of judgment or evaluations of them.
There is something called the power of racial bias, which is often concealed. Some think that calling it a racial bias lessens the blow of being called a racist. “People claiming bias can admit they may have acted in racially insensitive ways but were unaware of their subconscious motivations.” Someone can think racist thoughts, but never actually behave in a racist manner. Most people don’t self-identify as a racist because they don’t take any action upon it. People think that just because they don’t act upon it, that they shouldn’t be considered racist; however, thoughts and views can be a small form of racism. For example, if you saw a large black man at night – would you be a little scared? What about if that man were white? Would you flinch a little in both scenarios? If you flinched for one and not the other, based on his race, it’s still considered racist. So, no, I don’t think a person has to see herself or himself as a racist in order to behave in a racist

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