1.I Believe It Is Time To Add Items To The Constitution

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1. I believe it is time to add items to the Constitution in which it is to be designed for today 's time. Not to rewrite the Constitution anew. While it 's true that the constitution was written centuries ago. It was written in a very particular way in which can be held its values in many generations to come. The ideas created in the document weren 't only meant for their time and place. The ideas can be brought attention in modern times. While some items can be added for a more updated modern issues such as technology, and ethical standpoints. This can greatly benefit the Constitution more thoroughly. Since that is one of the major differences it holds in today 's time. 2. Due to formulated and implemented regulations within the …show more content…

4. The advantages for the federal government is that it can wield the constitutional rights to the people and able to create laws without the need of the approval of their citizens. Here in act allow the citizens to create their own environment without the interference of the government only when it is deemed necessary. However, the only drawback that the clause has is that it cannot really create more of an authority than it already has in its possession or rights. In which it indicates that it does not allow for the creation of new powers or any new type of order. The necessary and proper clause assures that the entire federal government has the ability to practice the power they are vested in from the constitution itself. 5. I do not believe that capital punishment is cruel and unusual in modern time. This is rare that someone will get the capital punishment however. Yet, it the idea holds that someone who commits crime far beyond what the law has consequences for. In which, there is no crime under such act, capital punishment comes into play. In addition, at times capital punishment is for those who are an extreme danger within society, typically those with serious threatening mental disorders and or serial killers. In the event, that one is found guilty over false evidence. I do favor in the Supreme Court to concern itself with questions of fact using DNA evidence. If the Supreme Court invests itself to DNA evidence procedures that will accurately tell if someone

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