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  • The President Of The United States

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    The president is the most important job in the United States. Not the ruler of the United States ,but have some power over the country. The president of the United States is a person who symbolize the country and leads the country by making decisions of what is the best thing to do. The president needs to know about the past history such as the conflict of World War I and II and different events that led to violence in our own country. The president of the United States needs to know how the system

  • Presidents Of The United States

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    The early presidents had an important role in shaping position of the president of America and set good examples for the future presidents to follow. Despite how underdeveloped the country was, the early presidents set great precedents, such as the two terms in office, foreign relations, and determining the power of the federal government and the judicial branch. Although the presidents in the 19th century each had an important role in history during their terms in office, their success as the leader

  • The President Of The United States

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    The United States first declared its independence back in 1776. Just a decade later, the Constitution was written and signed on September 17, 1787. To this day, this document represents the supreme law of the United States of America. The first President of the United States was elected on February 4th in 1789. His name of course was George Washington. This was the start of the United States, since then we have had 43 other presidents. Each and every one of those presidents has done something

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    government in the United States has three branches, which are executive, legislative and judicial. The United States of America declared the independence from Britain since 1976. Since success of revolution, the United States founded their first government in 1789 with following ideas: freedom, liberty, democracy. Until now, the United States have more than forty presidents indirectly elected by civilian citizens. Presidents will be reelected every four years. Changing in presidents will also change

  • President Of The United States

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    government had a president (Welch 326). George Washington, in 1789 became the first president of the United States, as well as the commander in chief, and one of the Founding father of the United States. As a democratic country, USA has a political system where power is divided in between a legislative, executive, and Judiciary. In the beginning the presidency was not very powerful office in a fledging country that had few international ties and virtually no standing Army. Today the President of the Unites

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    Barrack Obama, the 44th President of The United States left an indelible mark at the White House. It’s not yet a year since he left office but if he appeared in any state, people will line up just to lay an eye on him. Both young and old, from every race and tongue, he was and is still loved by almost every individual on earth. He was the only President of the United States who brought out the picture of "the it never so serious guys in this oval office". He interacted with all types of people. He

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    M I D T E R M 1) The President of the United States is certainly one the most powerful people in the free world, but interestingly, the Constitution 's drafters did not expect this to be the case. Constitutional provisions limited the early presidency. James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution”, was worried that the "power balance" tilted toward the House of Representatives. Madison believed that its control in terms of taxes and spending and its ability to legislate laws that narrowed the powers

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    One of the chief principle roles of the President of the United States is as Chief Executive. As Chief Executive, it is the president 's duty to "faithfully executive the laws" that are passed by Congress. The way the president accomplishes this is through the bureaucracy, which is broken down into the four types of bureaucracy. These types are Cabinet Departments (Department of State), Independent Executive Agency (Central Intelligence Agency), Independent Regulatory Agencies (The Office of Personal

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    The President of the United States is a well respect and immensely powerful position. Every 4 years, a new president is elected. Many highly respect individuals hold competition for this career, presenting their ideas and beliefs for the American people to support or refute. The United States current president, Barack Obama, is ending is 2nd term in office. This starts the debate and discussion of who will take his place as president. Currently, there is an enormous selection of individuals who people

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    There are many flaws in the actions of the President of the United States using executive action to shape policies for the United States, but congress plays a major role in the reasons why there are so many issues pertaining to the use of executive action. Another flaw is that it is not spelled out in the constitution that the president is allowed to bypass congress on any issues that are not attended to. Congress makes a huge fuss about the president executing his executive actions but congress