1. I Chose Soccer As My Profession Because It Increases

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1. I chose soccer as my profession because it increases cultural understanding between the representatives of each country. Soccer improves cultural relations and mainly receives more media coverage, and giving it extensive audience. Soccer can be used as a sport to achieve personal and social development. After I graduated from college, I want to get a job helping others likie social worker or working with little kids in the afterschool program. Last semester I was majoring in Education Lyndon but this semester I changed to Psychology and Human Services. When I was young I told myself I want to do something by helping people. Now I hope I stick with this major and end up doing what I love to do with people. 2. The three components of …show more content…

Provides the latest knowledge about the best methods. Another problem would be communicating other people would be hard because that person might not speak the same language as you do. But if any way to use tradestation ijt would be very helpful to the kids and their parents. I remembered when I was in Middle School, my teacher always prints out inviting my parents for teacher and parent conference. They would translate the whole papers by Burmese so my family can read it. It was really helpful for my family and I learn something new every times. Sometime it could be hard to transfer native language to second languages because as me second languages learner; every time when I try to say something I have to translate in my head before I speak to others. 4. Some of the culture differences in the socialization would be kids born into different cultures. Socialization is way to interact with other. we learn the language of the cultures we were born into. For example, when the baby were born they start learning speaking the language by listen to the parents. In Burmese culture kids sleep with their parents until they turn 8 or 10 years old: or around 6 if the new child is born. The first child can still sleep with the parents but not close as before. Most parents don’t set up the alarm o 'clock to bed but if they sleep you have to sleep. It because most family aren’t rich so the family doesn’t have any technologies. In

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