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1 Kings

Introduction In 1 Kings 18-19 we are introduced to one of the most magical men in the Bible, and to one of the greatest miracles. Along with Moses and Jesus, Elijah is among the great miracle workers of the world. Elijah used miracles to bring Israel up out of shambles, if just for a moment. He also showed extreme faith and perseverance in the face of great odds. But the true character of Elijah lies in his name, which literally means, “Yahweh is my God (Anderson 246).”

Prelude to The Contest
In order to understand chapters 18 and 19 of 1 Kings, one must get some background on its main character. In 1 Kings 17, we are first introduced to Elijah. At the time, Israel is at one of its lowest points. King Ahab and …show more content…

Elijah tells Obadiah to go to Ahab and tell him that he wants to meet with him. When the meeting occurs, Ahab refers to Elijah as “the troubler of Israel (1 Kings 18:17).” Elijah responds by saying that Israel has brought the trouble upon themselves by worshiping Baal. This is the first statement of the reason that Elijah has been sent on this mission. Ahab is then instructed to gather all of his people and the “prophets of Baal” at Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:19).

It is at this point that we come to one of the most dramatic events in the entire Old Testament. One man, Elijah, challenges the most powerful king in the land and his prophets to a contest of faith. He declares that the worshipers of Baal will cut a bull into pieces and set it upon the altar of Baal. As the lone representative of Yahweh, Elijah will then cut up a bull and set it upon the altar of Yahweh. The prophets are then to call upon Baal to strike the altar with fire. Elijah will then call upon Yahweh to strike his altar with fire. The true god could then be determined.
The prophets do as instructed and call upon Baal to ignite their altar. They call out and dance, but nothing happened. All the while Elijah is taunting them, asking them why Baal is not responding. The failure of Baal to react is made even more dramatic when one recognizes the fact that Baal is the supposed god of weather,

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