1.. The General Duties Of The Anesthesia Technician Are

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The general duties of the anesthesia technician are to support the anesthesiologists. They maintain anesthesia equipment. This means that they clean and sterilize anesthesia equipment and keep records of the inspections of equipment. They also transport patients to surgery. Before the surgery, the technician explains the surgery/procedure and also explain the specific operating equipment that the surgeon will use
The simplest answer is that a CRNA is a nurse while an anesthesiologist is a medical doctor. Though they both involve putting patients under anesthesia, CRNA can only perform their duty with the supervision of a board-certified doctor while anesthesiologists can put patients to deep sleep without supervision. Education …show more content…

After surgery, the circulator helps the anesthesiologist/CRNA remove the tube and monitor the patient’s recovery.
A holding room nurse provides information and emotional support for patients and their family. They also ensure the patient’s safety by monitoring the patient as well as completing all paperwork involved with the patient and correctly administering sedation. This means that they also run diagnostic tests and lab work of the patient if necessary.
The duties regarding of the personnel working at PACU are to provide care for patients recovering from their anesthesia which can be general, regional, or local. They also monitor the patient’s vital signs to determine the necessary care, and postoperative nausea is a commonly treated symptom at PACU. Not only this, but they also assist the patients in handling personal needs hours after their surgery, handle medication administration duties, dress surgical wounds, manage blood and fluid transfusions, educate the patient as well as their family about the patient’s condition, and answer questions the patient has regarding their condition and stay to make the patient feel more comfortable at PACU.
Gloves and gowns are considered sterile OR attire. Personnel should remain close to the center of the sterile field without wandering around the room. They should

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