10 Thing I Hate About You Character Analysis

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Laws of women have consider and encourage in gender relations. Since the arrival of women’s rights movement in mid-19th century, there has been amount of changes in the law that affect women forming giving their full property rights. The film 10 Thing I Hate About You, is a typical teen drama, and romance story. That involve two sisters with unique characteristics, one that’s naive and the other stubborn. Kat Stratford is an interesting character that isn’t well liked by others due to her personality which is referred as a shrew. She isn’t your typical girl that need rescuing from an awful home or protected. She stands on her own and knows what she is capable. For that Kat explains through her actions and words that there are women who are …show more content…

Patrick refuses, but Joey offers him more money. Later on Kat confessed her past to Bianca about her dating Joey and from then on she vowed to never do anything just because everyone else was doing it. Bianca explained that she wants to make her own choices, and both decide to go to prom. At prom Bianca finds out about Joeys plans. Joey angry that Bianca went out with Cameron, Joey reveals his agreement with Patrick, which breaks Kat’s heart and leaves. Bianca then beats up Joey for hurting her sister, Cameron, and her. In the end, Bianca begins dating Cameron. Kat reads her poem to the class, revealing her love for Patrick. Patrick surprises her with a guitar brought with the money Joey gave him, and confesses his feeling for her. Kat forgave him and the two made up with a kiss. The First quality Kat showed was independence, and that no one can decide things for her.
Being independent is key to survive in the world and not everyone possesses it. Its empowering that one is in control of one’s life and choices. Many hope to learn to support one’s fundamentals for any success one hopes to achieve. Kat shows that she’s independent, and wants to do things her way, even though her father wants her to stay close to home. She expects him to trust and support her on what she deiced to do with her life. In this scene, Mr. Stratford asks Kat if she is punishing him because he wants her close to home. Kat

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