12 Angry Men Character Analysis

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In the movie Twelve Angry Men, Henry Fonda plays a character known as jury member number eight, otherwise also known as Mr. Davis. Henry Fonda’s role in the movie for many, may be thought of as the most important character in the entire movie. Though this statement may be true, the movie also involves eleven other characters who have huge contributions to the story line. Throughout the movie, the audience watches twelve jury members discuss the alleged murder trial for an eighteen-year-old boy who is being accused of murdering his father. All men, but one agree that the boy is guilty. The movie 12 Angry Men may cause some people to question their own morals and beliefs, however the overall outcome of the movie truly shows the importance of optimism, honesty, and standing up for what you think is right. Henry Fonda plays the role of jury member number eight, also known as Mr. Davis.
This character that Henry Fonda plays believes that the boy on trial is not guilty. When questioned by the other eleven men, Mr. Fonda’s character never argued, yelled, accused, or even acted as if he was right. He remained very optimistic and open minded throughout the entire movie. These qualities his character plays can be things some people can apply in their own lives and use in everyday situations. The next character that many people might think of as extremely important would be jury member number five. This character is important because he relates to the eighteen-year-old

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