12 Years A Slave Reflection

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I watched the movie called “12 Years a slave” written by himself, Solomon Northup and directed by Steve McQueen. “12 years a Slave” is an award-winning movie and a true story movie about a free black man who was kidnapped and got sold by two con men to the slavery in the South. He survives and fought for his freedom; after 12 years, gain his freedom back. Solomon Northup who was a free man in upstate New York where he lives, work and created a family. Northrup is educated, loves his family and passionate in playing a violin; however, two con men take these away from him and sold him in to the slave catchers who sells him in the South. Northup was given a new identity and forbid himself not to say anything about his life, especially that he is educated. Northup met other slaves such as Eliza who was captured with her children. He has seen the inhumane treatment that slaves get. When Eliza was bought by the same master that Northup, Eliza begged not to be apart with her children during the auction. He also lived with different master for the past 12 years with cruelest master he had, Mr. Epps where he was tortured, lynched and beaten; he was also asked to whip his fellow slave, Patsy.
He taught of escaping from slavery, since he was a free man in the first place, he tried delivering a message to Marksville but failed to do it since the person he asks for help told this to the master Epps about it. He then met a Canadian abolitionist, Bass, who helped him deliver his

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