13/11 Paris Attacks Research Paper

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o guys this post is going to discuss various issues starting with the Paris attacks. This post will be a bit long I thank all those following me. Today is also my birthday. There are a lot of things common between the 13/11 Paris attacks and the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks. Let’s not pretend and ignore elements of the west that claim that Paris attacks were just revenge against western imperialism. ISIS aims to become the biggest imperialist of all. It aims to rule the world just like the Muslim did in the medieval times. It is said that the Ottoman caliphate came close to conquering all of Europe, ISIS would like to finish it. Moreover, ISIS claims that it has the right to kill anyone who comes in the way. Then we have the desi reactions. The ignorant …show more content…

To note even the Christians created large empires using might. They subjugated Hindus, Muslims, Arabs, Chinese, and African empires. Christians looted other empires for personal aggrandizement. Communalists harp on the event were they were victims, very conveniently ignoring the ones in which they were the victimizers. ISIS and politicians such as Azam Khan repeat the victimhood theme of Muslims in the 20th and 21st century, complaining that they are being bombed and dominated by the west. They, however, ignore the fact that their religion has killed people from the start. A sane, safe society is only possible when communities start letting go of their grudges. Communities need to understand that they have been both victim and victimizers. Some communities have been able to do it. Most notably Germany post WWII. The contrast with ISIS couldn’t be much greater. While media has ‘lynched’ Azam Khan they haven’t highlighted the saner response by Muslims. The world’s biggest fatwa was issued by Indian Muslims. I felt that this news should have received headlines however it appeared in the internal pages of TOI. The PM needs to highlight important issues such as this rather than visit every country on earth. Thanks for reading, you just became

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