15 Case, “the Broken Employment Contract?

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15 Case, “The Broken Employment Contract?”, on pp. 50–53 1. Did Wayne have an employment contract, either oral or written, with EcoCare? Why or why not? Yes, Wayne did have an employment contract with EcoCare that is considered oral. According to Wayne, during his interview Bell stated, “As long as he did his job, he could stay with the company until he reached retirement age.” You know this is an oral contract because it proves four elements: an offer, consideration, acceptance, and mutuality. There was an offer given to Wayne to work at the company until he is at retirement age. Consideration means something was offered in exchange for the specified action, meaning Wayne was offered to stay until retirement only if he did his job.…show more content…
Yes, Wayne was terminated for “just cause”. Just cause termination is when there is misconduct of an employee or some other event relevant to the employee, which justifies the immediate termination of the employment contract. There were many complaints of Wayne’s management of the car program as well as the many conflicts with other employees. Bell then had a meeting with Wayne to discuss these issues, Wayne refused to give satisfactory answers, and Bell asked for his immediate resignation the next day. These are all justified reason for just cause termination. 5. How can companies protect themselves against a claim of wrongful discharge? To protect companies for wrongful discharge claims they must do so in a professional and respectful manner. Companies must be sure the employee understand they are being asked to resign and why. For instance, stating the detailed reasons about what the employee did wrong and how long the inappropriate behaviors happened. Insure that the reasons for termination were all in accordance with the supervisory manual made and provided by companies. 51 Case, “Career Development at Electronic Applications,” on pp. 157 &158 1. Describe the nature and causes of the problem faced by Harold Sweeney. Harold Sweeney has been given the position of director of Human Resource at Electric Applications. He has realized the need to assess the situation of high turnover, especially in the area of electrical engineers who work in
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