(1575)The Contradictions Of Profunc: An Analysis Of The

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(1575)The Contradictions of PROFUNC: An Analysis of the Problem of Human Rights and the Democratic Process in Cold War Canada

In this political study the problem of human rights and the democratic process will be analyzed in the anti-communist contradictions of the covert Canadian operation called PROFUNC (PROminent FUNCtionaries of the communist party. PROFUNC defines a major problem with the democratic process by secretly monitoring and spying on communist party affiliates living in Canada in the aftermath of WWII. This Cold War policy not only sought to monitor communist, but it also sought to intern them in the potential WWWIII scenario with the Soviet Union. This type of policy defines a form of authoritarian type of governance that …show more content…

It was a secret plan of the Canadian government to round up and imprison Canadian citizens who were communists or affiliated with communism. This plan, in hindsight, an indication of the extremes the Canadian government was willing to go through in its fight against communism (Chisholm 77).
This type of secretive government program certainly defines the contradictions of a so-called democratic country, which has continually propagandized the idea of equal rights and the right of individuals to have different political ideas. The role of the RCMP actually presents a type of “police state” mentality that projects a threat to democracy as a part of human rights violations committed by the Canadian government during this time. The Cold Ear ideology of “capitalism versus communism” certainly created a hyper-reactionary dualism in Canadian politics, which viewed anyone who supported communism as an enemy of the state. PROFUNC certainly defines a concerted effort by government officials and the RCMP to monitor Canadian communists with the future potential of having them imprisoned during a time of war with the Soviet Union.
Another problem with the PROFUNC program was that it was being used for monitoring and surveillance of worker’s unions and other anti-capitalist groups that did not directly support the Soviet communist ideology. Initially, the PROFUNC program was being utilized to stop the

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