17 Year Old Girl Research Paper

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In summer 1942 we headed up to my parents country house in Texas like we did every summer for many years. Nothing ever exciting seemed to happen but I didnt mind that being a 17 year old girl you'd expect me to be at my most rehbelious stage in life but not me. The most that would ever happen is a few partys here and there around this area, my friend Frances invited me out to a campfire that was being held on the beach I decided to go since this would be the last year staying here before I headed to New York to try my shot as a actress, My parents had incourged this and got me a couple of auditions if that failed I wasnt too upset because that had been my parents dream not mine id always wanted to be a journilst for the New York Times. The war was going on…show more content…
I left the house quickly without saying goodbye so I could avoid the questions from my father, one of the boys piercing blue eyes caught my attention, Frances gave me a smile and wink and turned around to the other boy running up and catching her in his arms, I could tell I was left with the other young man that had caught my attention before, I looked over at the driveway to see a 1940's red corvet to match the colour of my lipstick. The young man held his hand out and guided me to the car. Frances switched the radio on and Judy Garland - Drummer Boy played through the radio in the gleaming moonlight as we drove off to the party. We arrived at the party, in the distance I could see a fire set on the beach with people surrounding it Frances and her new found lover ran off while I was left with "blue eyes". I turned around and gave a smile as I didnt know how to react in this awkward situation Frances had put me in. "And your name is?" the young man smirked, still daydreaming at the ash floating into the sky almost looking like a million fireflies to me. "Helloooo?" he says laughing at me, "Oh sorry! what did you
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