1920: A Whole New World

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1920, A Whole New World The roaring twenties are universally known to be a significant century for change in America, however, 1920 in particular is one of the most important years of all and directly put americans on the road to modern day freedom and communication. The year 1920 played an influential role in shaping today's America by; providing more citizens with equal rights and opportunities, working towards making citizens safer with alcohol, and hitting a milestone in the technology world making communication faster than ever befor. 1920 was the year for women. The struggle for equal rights and opportunities “had occupied the better part of the century” (Karpinkey) but finally “on August 18, 1920, twenty- six million US (United …show more content…

ow have the power to directly influence and change their society.” (A Changing Society) Although it took an immense amount of time and work, “through heroic efforts the suffragists self-imposed deadline had been met; all American women over …show more content…

With the factory industry advancing there is a huge increase in the urban population in America and, “for the first time [it] exceeded rural residents” (Trager). Education is also at an all time high at this point. By 1920 “one in eight us citizens between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two attended college, which was a much higher number than any other developed nation in the world”(A Changing Society), and women finally ‘have as much access to a college education as men” (Trager). With more a more educated population, the rapid advancements of daily lives began full throttle, and “for the first time a sharp division appeared between older and younger generations”(A Changing Society). Creativity and individualism began to soar and a “lively youth emerged as young people created new ways to dress, amuse and express themselves”(A Changing Society). The fashion industry itself conformed to the new bold childrens style as “hemlines rise on US dresses; and sleeves are shortened or eliminated as designers introduce long-waisted styles to give women a slender look” (Trager). Every aspect of life in 1920 is modernizing and advancing. One monumental advancement was launched on November 2nd 1920 when “The first Commercial radio station was born, and a new era had dawned”(Radio). The radio became the fastest way to share important information and connected

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